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Does Any Brand Make a White Gaming Monitor?

Best White Gaming Monitor

Yes, many companies make white monitors. White components and peripherals have become highly popular in gaming due to the desire to stand out. As a result, the demand for the best white gaming monitors has considerably increased.

Many brands are making white monitors. Among them, Dell Alienware white gaming monitor stands out in the market. So, let's check out how it is better than its competitors.

Dell Alienware AW2721D Lunar Light

Forth recent years, Alienware, Dell's premium gaming subsidiary, has put in a lot of effort to ensure that everything they manufacture seems like it might be right out of a sci-fi film or even capable of being launched into space.

For example, the rounded, ethereal back of the Dell Alienware AW2721D Lunar Light that sharply gives way to the black, edgeless front could nearly pass for a doorway into the multiverse.

HD Display

The razor-sharp display contributes significantly to this appearance. The AW2721D features a stunning 27-inch QHD (25601440) IPS panel display that delivers razor-sharp visuals in any game. It's also buttery smooth, thanks to the 240hz refresh rate, which eliminates flickering or stuttering.

Monitor Performance

You usually have to choose between picture quality and monitoring performance for competitive games. There are no compromises to be made with the AW2721D. The monitor excels at providing beautiful graphics for atmospheric games and offering you an advantage in competitive games.

Color Fidelity

Despite how much of the monitor appears to be targeted toward gaming, Dell is well known for offering excellent color fidelity, spanning 98 percent of the DCI-P3 color spectrum. As a result, the AW2721D will be a terrific addition to your setup if you're a gamer who also dabbles in photo or video editing.

Gaming Mode

Back to gaming now. There are two primary things to consider, particularly in high-resolution, high-refresh-rate monitors such as this one.

The first is adaptive sync functionality, such as Freesync or G-Sync, which prevents tearing by altering its refresh rate to match the frame rate of your GPU. Because the AW2721D employs G-Sync, it's best suited for PCs with Nvidia GPUs.

The Response Time

The response time is the other factor. You want a monitor with distinct pixels that refresh quickly and don't cause blurring or afterimages for maximum performance. This monitor has a 1ms GtG reaction time, also known as 1ms native response time.


Furthermore, because this is a larger display, the stand doesn't have as much articulation as direct competition ROG Strix.

You will be able to raise and lower the chair, as well as tilt and swivel it. If you desire to place it on a wall or use a desk mount, it's also VESA compatible.


The AW2721D's large size is partly due to its extensive peripheral support. It contains four USB ports, a USB downstream port, an audio line out connector, a headphone jack, two HDMI ports, and a display port. As a result, it is the most excellent connectivity we've seen this year (particularly if you want a white monitor).

Pixels and display

Dell's display warranty only covers bright/hot pixels, so if one goes wrong, you're out of luck. But that doesn't happen frequently, and the good news is that they offer one of the best warranties available, with up to five years of coverage.

Final verdict

Overall, the Alienware AW2721D is a superb white gaming monitor that is undoubtedly one of the best in 2022. A stunning display can be used for gaming and content creation.

It is important to note that it is more expensive, especially for casual gamers. However, you'll not find anything better if you are a serious gamer who prioritizes performance and graphics. Also, check out tips for choosing a gaming monitor.

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