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How to Choose the Best Video Gaming Platform

If you’ve decided to get into video gaming or you want to upgrade your current system but the choices available are overwhelming, then this article will guide you through your decision-making process. There are a couple of things to consider that help narrow down the wide selection of gaming platforms such as budget, level of technical knowledge, and the types of games you’re interested in. So, let’s get started.


First and foremost is how much you are willing to spend in the initial layout of a new system and what your ongoing budget will be for purchasing games. A PC platform is typically more expensive when compared to a game console because the specs of a computer need to be quite high if you want a good gaming experience. You’ll need an excellent graphics card, a lot of memory, and high-end processing power. PC desktops can be anything from $700 and over $3,000 without a screen and other peripheral components.

New game consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation 2 can range between $300 - $600 depending on the model and bundled options and the latest games can cost about $70 apiece. Consoles are generally supplied with at least one controller.

Level of Technical Knowledge

Game consoles are more likely to get out of date than gaming PCs. The moment you’ve purchased a console, a newer model is released a year later as these gaming companies improve on the technology. Most of the time, the games you’ve purchased will only be compatible with your current model, so whenever you upgrade a console, you’ll need to get new games. But the upside is that game consoles are easy to install and you can get up and running quickly.

With technical knowledge, PCs can be upgraded, whether you want to increase the memory, get a better graphics card, expand on the storage space, or replace the motherboard. Each component can be updated without having to replace the entire PC. And PC games will always be compatible with the desktop unit so there is a saving long-term where you don’t need new games every time you upgrade the PC.

Types of Games

A big deciding factor on the type of gaming platform is knowing what types of games you like to play. Action and sports games are best on console systems with a great variety of titles to choose from. Generally, consoles get the latest and greatest games first before being available on PC.

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PCs are better suited to games that involve strategy and simulation like Age of Empires and Flight Simulator. First-person shooting in games like Battlefield and Call of Duty that use fast-paced simultaneous action of the keyboard and mouse are great for the PC format.

If you’re the competitive type and want a multiplayer universe, consider the types of games available. There are more multiplayer games for PC gaming than there are for multiplayer console games. PCs and game consoles have internet capabilities for multi-players, but if you’re playing against someone using the same console, you’ll need multiple game controllers.


The general assumption is that game consoles are easier to operate while PC gaming is for the more hardcore gamer, but ultimately, there are pros and cons with both. Although a PC is multi-purpose, it’s an expensive layout at first while saving long-term on upgrades and game replacements. With a game console, the initial setup is more affordable, you have a bigger selection of available games but it can only be used for gaming with a possible future cost of upgrading the console and compatible games. Once you’ve decided what best suits you, get ready to enjoy a great gaming experience.

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