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Best Strategies to Play Solitaire

Solitaire online is all about strategy, with a little sprinkle of luck. In playing this popular card game, ignorance is the ultimate villain. If you have limited or no idea how to play it, there’s a high chance that you’ll only go bananas as you can’t always depend on luck to come to your rescue. So, maximize the tips below and become a Solitaire master in no time!

  • A different game plan for every Solitaire variation

Actually, all Solitaire card games have their own set of playing strategies. Although it’s impossible to list them all down here since there are countless versions available, we’ve picked a few most important. These are universal tips that you can apply to whenever you play Solitaire. For instance, Klondike is a mixture of skill and luck, where you can optimize your performance by keeping several options open. Also, while playing this card game, try to go with that column which contains numerous hidden cards.

  • Unless you have a King, try not to clear a space

As much as you can, never empty a spot unless there’s a King in store standing by to occupy it. Surprisingly, most players just can’t wait to do so. While this is not necessarily a bad move, it still affects how your game will turn out. Mindlessly making a spot vacant for the sake of doing so won’t make it any better either. So, if you’ve been doing this the whole time, you can try doing otherwise and see what happens then.

  • Remember to use the ‘undo’ button

If you play classic Solitaire online, you can always run for help in case your game goes south. An undo move is within your reach! If you think that you may have carelessly placed a card on top of another, click the ‘undo’ button immediately. Don't be stingy with your undo moves! Do it as many times as applicable. After all, nobody is watching you. It’s just you, your moves, and the tricky game you’re playing!

  • Move your aces and twos immediately

As soon as you get an ace or a two from the stock pile, play them instantly. You have to place them in the foundation from the get-go. There’s nothing to lose if you do this as both cards won’t actually aid you in exposing more hidden cards. It will only be harder for you to transfer them in the long run.

  • Flip over the stock cards

Sadly enough, this tip is a commonly overlooked step. Most of the time, players rush toward other cards without paying attention to the hidden cards in the stock pile. However, more than anything else, this should be your first move. We know that it may be tempting to move cards and build a sequence right away but revealing these cards first will give you an advantage. Thus, you can either use them to build piles in the tableau or foundations.


If you are able to master these above-mentioned strategies, you’ll be in seventh heaven in anySolitaire game. Nevertheless, your percentage of wins won’t magically blow up after using them as it all definitely takes much practice. So, opt for hundreds of free Solitaire games accessible to a fun-loving player like you and hone your skills to the tiniest detail!

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