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Best Slot Games from SlotXO

Slotxo is a popular website for playing online slots, and it is one of the fastest-growing websites. The sheer amount of players are increasing daily for the exclusive offers that the website offers. The Slotxo website offers you online slot games that have HD graphics with smooth animation. Also, it gives out free slot formulas for increasing the win rates. The promotions and offers are available from time to time, so get ready to play via the web browser or apps. Download, install and enjoy the exciting games from Slotxo, anytime and anywhere.

Why choose to play slot games at Slotxo?

Wondering, why play online slots from this website? It has increased its players by many folds and still continuing to do so. Thus, the sheer amount of funds has made it possible to invest a huge amount of money in the variety and quality of slot games, which are one of the best. The various promotions are appealing as well, the periodic bonuses along with them allow you to make a fortune of money. Each game is carefully made with the highest quality of graphics so that people enjoy it to the utmost while playing slot games.

There are various types of slot games, almost more than 200, so people can’t get bored at all. Reviews of some of the best games are shared below:

  • Santa Surprise gives away bonuses from Slotxo:

Santa Surprise is a bright-colored online slot game and well known to almost everyone (from old to new). As we know from the name, it is Santa Claus themed, where Santa Claus brings with himself huge bonuses and prizes (For the people who don't know who Santa Claus is, he is an old fictional character with a face full of mustache and wearing a red jacket, delivering gifts to everyone on Christmas). This slot game from slotxo is easy and fun to play with a 100% bonus and twice the turns if you win. You only win if you have 2 or more identical symbols out of 5 squares. The payout ratio is calculated by multiplying the sum of the number of lines. Each player can get one line per spin, and the prize money is added to it resulting in more money. If a Scatter symbol appears on your slot, it means you will get free spins or the bonus game. There is also a wild symbol that can replace any slot except the scatter symbol. In this game, Santa Claus is used as a wild symbol.

  • Nugget Hunters from Slotxo:

Nugget Hunters is a new automatic game from Slotxo, which has a 3*5 format with 50 pay lines overall. It consists of 10 symbols in the slot game and a unique symbol of a hippy with red cloth. You have to set this game up before starting. To choose from black cards and red cards, if chosen correctly will gain 2x multiplier points. The multiplier will be active for five more rounds. Scatter symbols are present as special symbols which appear on the odd rows of the game. The bonus phase of the game is random and will appear at sudden points. Here the wild symbol is represented as Hunters. The wild symbol can replace or substitute any symbol except the Scatter. Players enter a special mode in the game where choosing a random number from 1 to 5 results in free gold of randomized amount. To win this game, you have to match at least three out of five symbols to win the game. Try to win the maximum gold in the bonus round. Besides that, this game is really fun to play and gives you a return of decent profit.

  • Dynamite Reels Slotxo Mine Blast Slot Game:

It is a unique puzzle-styled slot game with a theme of mines and explosions, and rocky mountains are present in the form of background. As we know from the name, it's mostly filled with symbols associated with mining. Like Nugget Hunters, it is also a 3*5 slot game with 10 different designs and symbols. Here, the time bomb is the special scatter symbol in the game. Winning the game lets you choose between a black or red card. If chosen correctly, a bonus round appears on the screen, where the multiplier of the 2x feature is activated. The multiplier is active for the next five rounds, so try to win as much as possible in these bonus rounds. The time bomb appears randomly on the screen as a special symbol. This game is automatically synchronized, where once the symbols are cleared; the remaining symbols are matched automatically to win the game. This game has bonuses periodically, and gamblers have the potential to win a good amount from this game. The explosion concept suits the theme of the game, and you are guaranteed not to get bored while playing this game. You can play this game anytime, as it is open for 24 hours.

  • 7 Cluster Mania Slotxo slot game:

It is one of the easiest games to play out of the slot games. The game starts with pressing the spin option available. If similar images of numbers or symbols appear on the slots, you receive points. The more points you collect, the more amount you'll be able to get. The rates are minimal so, everyone can play. Though this game is almost like a traditional slot game, it is spiced up by many bonuses and special rounds. There are five rows in the game. If you can match 3 out of 5, you will win the game. Although, the prize money will only be given out; if the symbols are horizontally placed from left to right. The prize money is generated and paid to your account immediately. But don't be worried if the same arrangement is in some other way the game has special features as well if you match from right to left or any other way.

These four games are unique and will never let you bore throughout. So, try out these amazing games from Slotxo and win as you like!

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