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Best Device to Play Bingo

The popularity of online bingo has soared in recent years and has overtaken bingo played in bingo halls because of advancements in technology and younger generations discovering just how fun playing online bingo is! There are plenty of ways you can play online bingo to make it as easy and accessible as possible for players including playing on your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. In the future, it’s even been speculated that you will be able to play games like bingo on smart watches! 

But you might be wondering if you’re wanting the best bingo experience possible, which is the best device to play bingo? Let’s have a look at the best options available to players at Umbingo best bingo site UK

Smart Phones

In 2020, an increasing number of players are choosing to enjoy bingo on their smartphones, both on Android and iOS mobile devices because it’s just so handy. We live in a world where we use our mobile phones for just about everything, from buying groceries, staying in touch working, online banking and even sending birthday cards and flowers. In a world where there is an app for just about everything, mobiles are the key to how we entertain ourselves and are a perfect device to play bingo. Players can choose to play bingo on their mobiles on bingo sites or by downloading bingo apps to play the game and this is one of the best ways to enjoy the game. 


Almost every home has one and tablets are a brilliant way to enjoy bingo. They are in many ways starting to replace laptops for a number of things because they are so lightweight and easy to use, but have a bigger screen than mobiles, making them perfect for a number of things from online shopping and work to playing games such as slots and bingo. Just like a mobile, you can take them anywhere and they slip handily into handbags and because of the large screen you can enjoy the ultimate bingo experience and take in all of the atmosphere created by the graphics and sound effects. 


If you’ve just finished putting the kids to bed and you’re about to sit down on the sofa with a hot cuppa, it’s so easy to grab the laptop and settle down on your comfy sofa to play bingo. Many players prefer to play bingo online using a laptop because it’s easier to set the device down in your lap, leaving your hands free so you don’t have to hold it like you do a mobile phone or a tablet. It’s also a benefit to have a keyboard which you can type and the chat room function easily to interact with other players. Plus, one of the biggest benefits is the larger screen so you can see the game more clearly.

However, the downside of laptops is that you would be limited to online playing on bingo sites and wouldn’t be able to download apps to play bingo as you would on a mobile or tablet.

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