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Best Cooking Games to Appreciate
Your Passion for Cooking

When it comes to the Best cooking games for girls and kids, Kitchen games like cooking games and food games must get their place in the very first ranks. Above all, most cooking games for girls and kids are created with a relaxing vibe and simply cover many cooking factors. Kids love to play such games for fun, and girls and even adults love them to enjoy their leisure. 

These games are mobile games. You can easily play them on your mobile without any difficulty. Many of these games are games with levels. You have to satisfy your customer by giving them food within a specific time to unlock the next level. These games are for fun as well as they are beneficial in real life. For example, a person can learn to manage things at a specific time by playing time management games. 

Due to its huge popularity, game designers have already launched thousands of games. And now, we will talk about the best cooking games to increase your passion for cooking.

Top Free Cooking Games For Girls

We struggled to check many free cooking games for girls and as well as kids to make an authentic list of top 10 games for both iPhone and Android users. We have to face innumerable garbage when making a list of a particular gaming category.

But today’s fact is something different, and most of the games already shocked us. So, we choose the best games from a few different kinds to give you different tastes in one category. Then, check out our amazing list of the best food games just right below:

1. Cooking Mama: Let’s cook!

Cooking Mama

Cooking mama is comes with a chop, stew, bake, and cooking delicious meals. These all things are under your control. You have to cook food only by playing a few mini-games, and you will get almost 30 special recipes for your cooking project. Furthermore, this game is not all about a restaurant but a happy village where you can go fishing, grow vegetables, raise animals, and a lot more. 

Important Feature

  • You can earn the best score by taking part in weekly events.
  • All things are under your control.
  • Easy to play the game.

2. Cooking Craze: Restaurant Game

Cooking Craze

If you are interested in making grilled burgers in New York or wood-fired baking pizza in Rome, then this game is created for you. Cooking Craze game is all about serving food to its customers all over the world. And being a chef, you require to take the heat and make your clients happy to expand your kitchen empire. Moreover, you can customize and add new recipes from every city you visit.

Important Features

  • You can make thousands of delicious dishes, including kabobs, shrimp, ramen, sushi, and much more.
  • You can also make sweet dishes like ice cream, cheesecake, baked baklava, etc.
  • You can cook in different settings of this game.
  • This is one of the cooking games with levels, the game also offers you above 4000 levels in six other areas.

3. Cooking City: Chef fever games

Cooking City

This game is not only the best cooking game. It is quite like a real-life restaurant adventure. The setting of this game is very special, and it offers hundreds of various ingredients for palatable dishes. Furthermore, you will discover a lot of cuisines to make, from fast food to desserts. And there will be a rice cooker to bake your pizza, popcorn maker, coffee machine to make your cooking journey more exciting.

Important Features

  • This game has more than 1000 levels, and you have to complete each step.
  • You can upgrade the interior of the kitchen and also the machinery to make it glorious. 
  • You have to sell a little amount of food and get a good rating to reach another level. 

4. Cooking Fever: Restaurant Game

Cooking Fever

If you actually adore dessert items and baking cakes and share the dream of opening a burger shop, then this game is knocking on your doors. This game will take you to a city of cooking, and you will have dishes from Chinese restaurants and classic coffee. Apart from that, you can build your restaurant anywhere you love, challenge yourself in cooking, and prepare to be the lead cooking empire.

Important Features

  • This game is offline, you don’t need to have internet access to enjoy this game.
  • There are a lot of cities, and you have to unlock them with your skill.
  • This game requires s few limitations, so you have to complete the task in the given time.

5. Cooking Simulator

Cooking Simulator

Cooking Simulator welcomes you to be the master chef of this eventual food paradise. This kitchen game is all about your passion for cooking, and you will see some of the specialty restaurants on your journey of this game. Moreover, there’ll be many unlocked dishes and recipes, and you have to discover them all. No wonder this game will help you to increase your techniques of cooking along with your management skills. This game is a cooking game as well as a time management game.

Important Features

  • Easy to play game
  • You can enjoy it without the internet
  • There are a lot of different dishes and cities, and you have to unlock them with your skill.
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