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A Quick Guide to Choosing the
Best Betting App in 2020

Are you stuck with choosing the right betting app? Why not heed the advice of seasoned bettors and download the best one straight away? Check all crucial factors that affect the choice of old hand gamblers, and you can find yours in a split-second!

Best Betting App

The number of mobile users who prefer to place online bets is only growing every year. It is no secret that online gambling's popularity attracts more and more virtual gamers who like to place bets using advanced applications.

As a result, the popular Google Play Store service officially allowed the developers of mobile applications for online gambling to download their products and make them available to the online community. Now the main problem for hardcore fans of gambling is the correct choice of the highest quality app.

According to experienced users, the following factors should be considered when choosing a mobile application:

  • Reputation level of the developer.
  • Official license.
  • Simplicity and ease of use.
  • Variety of game library.
  • Rate variations.
  • Competitiveness of the odds.
  • Speed of account depositing and withdrawal of funds.

There are hundreds of apps out there that are great for Android and iOS clients. Some of them even contain low wager bonuses and other handy perks that attract the virtual community. However, distinguishing a quality app from a scam is not that easy. Therefore, it is worth considering the most critical factors that will allow you to make the right choice and not miss a target.

Maximum security level

When analyzing a mobile betting app, you must make sure that personal and financial information is completely safe. Explore what technologies the application uses to provide adequate protection against threats from hackers. Experienced players recommend downloading software from reputable platforms only.

Popular providers know exactly how to use advanced data encryption technologies so that you can enjoy the gameplay without worrying about the security of sensitive data.

A key feature of quality mobile betting apps is the use of advanced data encryption technologies. The operator currently uses end-to-end encryption to provide 100% protection for all data transmitted through the application or web server. It is also advisable to give preference to those apps that have SSL security certificates or offer two-step verification of login credentials.

Check for an official license

It is not recommended to use a mobile app created by providers without an official license to provide gambling services. If the virtual casino does not have appropriate permission, then it is better to bypass it.

To obtain a gambling license, a provider needs to enlist government agencies' support. It will conduct several checks before getting their consent. Besides, in case of any dispute, your rights will always be protected.

It is not recommended to download a mobile application unless an appropriate agency has licensed it. Otherwise, you risk disclosing financial information to third parties and becoming the target of fraud.

Review local gambling laws

The gambling industry is one of the sectors where you can easily face scammers. These providers offer illegal games that are prohibited in a particular country. If you know precisely your rights, this will be a great starting point for choosing a proper mobile app.

Old hand customers also advise against downloading mobile apps that are prohibited in your area. Some providers who have not obtained official approval offer their mobile apps with built-in VPN to global customers. In this way, the platforms try to bypass local laws and make money from international clients. However, such actions are illegal, and in the event of a disputable situation, you will not be able to prove your case. That is why go for a trustworthy source like

Live betting feature

Advanced versions of mobile apps should use the live betting feature. Some users prefer to place live bets and thus get the maximum level of pleasure from the game. You need to study the specifications of a particular app to ensure it has a similar function. If the application cannot boast of real-time games, then it is not worth downloading it.

In some cases, you may not be able to place your bet before the match. Just for such situations, app developers provide the ability to place bets in real-time. It will be easier for you to determine the possible outcome and select the appropriate odds by watching the game. This feature will appeal to novice users who have minimal gaming experience.

Best odds tracking feature

When it comes to placing bets, odds are the essential criterion for every player. It is the odds that can determine your future payouts. Therefore, it is worth looking for a mobile application that allows you to sort the odds and quickly find the best deals.

This way, you will not waste time and be able to show more effective results. Advanced mobile apps can also provide you with additional information, including statistics on previous matches for each team. Consequently, you will be able to place more thoughtful bets based on high odds and other information to improve chances.

Read the data privacy statement

Before downloading the app and creating a new account, check if the developer's privacy policy ensures that all data is protected. If you find a provision that the development studio can transfer your data to third parties, then do not download the software under any pretext. If some privacy policy points look too confusing, then it is better to clarify all the details with the developer in advance.

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