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Best Android Slot Games

Slot machines used to be so simple – you rocked up to your favourite casino, popped a coin in the slot and began to play! Some may look back on these times fondly, but personally we love the developments that the slot machine has seen over the last century! One of our favourite ways to play Mr Luck slots is on our Android phones – however, there’s just too much selection. Spoiled for choice? Read on to discover our favourite android slot games – we’ll be taking a look at:

  • Scatter Slots

  • Slingo Adventures

  • Cashmania Slots

Scatter Slots

Scatter Slots is a fantastic online slot machine game collection - considering we’ve named it a ‘collection’, you would probably expect Scatter Slots to offer perhaps 10 or 20 average quality games. You’d be mistaken – in fact, it offers over a hundred games, and they’re all very high quality. Make a deposit and you will be the proud owner of a huge amount of virtual coins - you will use these to place your bets. If this isn’t enough to get you excited, perhaps the mindboggling welcome bonus of 12,000,000 will get you interested? You heard that right – now if only they’d give us that same figure but in sterling! Find it on Android today!

Slingo Adventures

Fancy playing slots but you’re also tempted by a game of bingo? Look no further than Slingo Adventures, an Android slot game that covers both bases! You’ll be given a classic slingo card – it looks a lot like a bingo card, but the rows will be spinning much like you would find in a classic slot machine. Match up all of the numbers on your card and you’ve hit the jackpot! This game includes loads of special features that isn’t found in many slingo games, including:

  • Delightful cartoon-style graphics and characters

  • An endless supply of levels to play

  • A simple and easy to use interface

Cashmania Slots

Finally, we thought we’d give a special mention to our friends at Cashmania Slots. What’s special about these Android-based slot games? Well, they’re totally free! If you haven’t heard about play-for-free slots, then this is a perfect entry point. These games are focused on gameplay and fun, so you don’t have to worry about dipping into your bank account. It’s an excellent choice if you’re skint, if you want to practice some new slots strategies without the risk of losing cash, or if you’re simply looking for a more casual slots experience. However, there is the option to pay for bonus features if you take a shine to this app – now that’s the best of both worlds!

Android – King of the Slots

Overall, you will have no trouble finding epic slot games to play on your Android device in this day and age, so we hope we have helped you narrow it down a bit. Whether you’re into slingo, free-to-play slots, or just classic slot machine games – Android has you covered. Dust off your google play store app and dive into these games - we are sure you won’t be disappointed!

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