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Basketball Betting

Basketball is of key importance for bookmakers because it is one of the most popular sports among bettors. In order not to miss some potential customers, bookmakers pay a lot of attention to this discipline. As a rule, the lines of most of them feature events not only from the NBA, EuroLeague, and top European championships, but also competitions of less popular tournaments and even exotic championships. Games of lower divisions are often found. The results and statistics of all these events are available at Here you can also follow the results of the games online or see the schedule of upcoming matches.

Due to the big variability of events, there are always basketball matches in the bookmaker's lines. Both experienced cappers and beginners can place bets on this discipline. It is easy to analyze upcoming matches due to a large amount of information available in the public domain. Also, many strategies have been developed for betting on basketball, which, with the right approach, can increase the bettor's profit in a long-distance run.

How to bet on basketball

Many bettors place their bets on basketball solely for sporting interests. Nevertheless, most of the bookmakers’ clients bets in order to get financial benefits.

To be successful at betting, bettors need to follow specific rules and principles. It is easier to make money on basketball bets if a bettor:

  • is well versed in the rules of the game;
  • knows all the features of the teams, their squads, as well as the physical fitness and motivation level of the players;
  • uses pre-match analytics - all the required data can be found at Scores 24;
  • takes into account the opinion of experts and professional tipsters;
  • is able to correctly analyze matches, as well as the line of bookmakers and changes in odds;
  • uses strategies and improves them based on the betting experience gained.

Despite the large selection of sporting events, the most popular championships are the NBA and EuroLeague. The predominant number of bets is placed on these tournaments, and the list of matches is the most extensive. 

Types of basketball bets

The following types of bets can be placed on basketball matches:

  • for the winner of the match;
  • totals;
  • handicaps;
  • bets on quarters;
  • odd-even;
  • special odds.

Draw in modern basketball is extremely rare. But it happens sometimes. Truth be told, the winner of the meeting, according to the rules, is determined in overtimes, the number of which is unlimited.

Most bookmakers accept bets on the winner of a match during the regular time only. But some top-tier offices provide the possibility of kind of bet-hedging, in case of a tie at the end of the fourth quarter, and offer the opportunity to bet on the outcome of the confrontation, taking into account additional periods.

Totals and handicaps, as a rule, are much more variable than in football, and this is what bettors love basketball for. The line features a large set of these indicators, which provide a wide range of choices.

For example, if the bookmaker offers a total of 200 on a flat line, then the bettors can bet on this indicator in the line from, for example, 193 to 207. For each of the options, a different coefficient will be offered. The more likely the successful outcome of the bet, the lower the odds will be.

The same goes for handicaps. Bettors have the right to “buy” a better handicap for lower odds, but thereby increasing the chance of winning. For example, instead of betting with a handicap of -8 at odds of 1.9, sometimes it is better to put a handicap of -5 at odds of 1.5.

The bets on separate quarters are very attractive. Some bookmakers offer such bets even before the start of the match, but mostly these deals are made in live mode. As a rule, bookmakers offer almost the entire set of outcomes also available for regular periods.

Quarter bets are interesting for bettors because of their dynamism. Players don't have to wait long for the match to end. Often only 10-15 minutes is enough to make a profit. Also, such deals are suitable for most online strategies.

In addition to the main options, unique bets are often found in the list of top bookmakers. This is especially clearly observed during the match when bets can be placed on the fouls of a team or a specific player, as well as on the number of points scored, rebounds, and blocked shots made by one of the basketball players. 

Basketball betting strategies

Experienced players use several strategies for basketball betting at once. But for newcomers to betting real, it is better to concentrate on one of them first.

The simplest strategies suitable even for beginners include the following:

  • total bets based on the analysis of the last five matches of each of the teams, as well as personal meetings;
  • bets on total over or under, as well as on even or odd quarters applying the "catch-up";
  • searching for corridors or middles online.

Bookmakers that are the best to bet at

All bettors choose a bookmaker according to their preferences. Some platforms offer better basketball odds, while others delight with good bonus offers.

Regardless of likes and preferences, it is recommended to choose only trusted and reliable bookmakers. In addition to high odds and a wide line for basketball, the following factors are important when choosing a bookmaker's office:

  • width of the action line;
  • quality Live section;
  • availability of video broadcasts;
  • the number of options for funds’ deposit and withdrawal;
  • availability of bonuses;
  • reputation among bettors.


Basketball is one of the most promising disciplines for sports betting. The variability of the bets and the extensive action line provide a wide choice for bettors.

The advantage of this sport is the ease of forecasting, which is why even beginners in betting will be able to achieve good results from the very start. Availability of a large number of strategies and information about upcoming battles makes it easier to predict outcomes and increases the likelihood of success over in a long run.

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