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Attack On Titan

After the latest Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 15 release, manga readers have a view of where the story is headed. With only one episode left before the makers pull down the curtains on the most popular anime of 2021, there are few questions that continue to haunt. The stage at which the anime series is poised, there is demand for Attack on Titan Season 5. However, there is NO confirmed news and in the absence of them there are bound to be rumors. In the meantime, let us first focus on the spoilers of Final Season Episode 16 and what ending we all want to see.

AOT is onto its fourth and final season starting December 2020. It portrays the story of humans fighting against the dangerous Titans. A lot of things have happened since the Colossal Titan collapsed Wall Maria and changed the lives of Eren, Armin, and Mikasa forever. They've been finally able to figure out where the Titans came from, what they really want and why they're so.

Here are some of the mysterious questions that all we die-hard fans wish to be answered before the game ends in AOT Final Season Episode 16

Will Attack On Titan Season 4 be split into two halves?

Attack On Titan; the manga is likely to reach 139 chapters in April when it finally comes to an end. On the other hand, we all know Attack On Titan's anime will end at chapter 116 of the manga. Episode 16 of the anime is titled "Heaven and Earth" mapping to the manga chapter 116's title, "Above and Below".

The question now arises that how will the pending 23 chapters be covered, since AOT has not been renewed for another season by MAPPA. This leads to rumors that AOT will end the story early incomplete and the pending chapters will come later on. There are two possibilities being speculated. One is Attack on Titan Season 4 - Part 2. It had caught everyone's imagination when OTT platforms like Netflix were addressing Attack On Titan Season 4 as "Part 1".

The other possibility that has come to the fore is in line with current trend of making popular anime shows in feature-length film releases.

The final episodes of AOT Season 4 are confusing. The story adaptation is also some way off the originally written manga.

Is Eren a monster or a hero? 

In AOT Season 4, Eren Jaeger seems to be becoming strange to his friends the Survey Corps. After harming Marley against orders, Eren planned a mutiny on Paradise Island, executing the military's leader and founding his own movement. In the entire series they've still not answered that Eren is exactly a monster and even in the manga this remains a point of vagueness. 

Will Eldian be set free?

From the starting of the series Attack on Titan's story has been a fight for freedom. Their enemies have changed from Titan to human, and the cage might now have three walls, but how will the situation between Eldia and Marley will go on when the dust settles?

If Armin gets the way, then both of the sides will learn to live peacefully, But Unfortunately, Marley seems an aim on erasing the Eldians out altogether, and with Pieck loitering in enemies territory, that mission has already begun. Eren and his followers, meanwhile, seem to believe that Eldians can't be free so long as Marley still stands.

Who else will die in AOT Season 4?

It's been over ten years since AOT was first released and now it's almost at its end. Throughout the series, so many beloved characters have died and few remain alive. Fans are excited to see how it's going to finish. But the death of Shasha will definitely make you disappointed. It was very cruel how Gabi killed her and this made her one of the most hated characters of the entire series.

Now let's see what's going to happen next!

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