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Are There Many Bingo Variants?

Bingo gaming is not only a popular game but a dynamic one. Bingo is an old game, yes but it is also one that has blended with time over the years. This must account for the reason why there are different types of Bingo to pick from. It's like ice cream with many flavours.

You can pick from vanilla, chocolate, milk, cream, and any other flavour as you deem fit. It's the same for Bingo gaming. Would you like to know if there are many types of Bingo Variants at Let's do this together then.

Bingo and Variations

Truth is, there are many ways to play bingo games as there are many types to play. Bingo is one of the games with this level. The gameplay of bingo also varies according to countries. Different online sites have a lot of bingo games, new games are introduced every nowhen, which means you can find dozens of Bingo Games online. Bingo game is dynamic, a player is not stuck in a position forever

In all of these, there are four main types of Bingo games, which others (Road Trip Bingo, Novelty Bingo Games, Progressive Jackpot Bingo Games, Blackout Bingo, etc) revolve around. They are;

  • 30 Ball Bingo (Speed Bingo)
  • 75 Ball Bingo (Traditional American Bingo)
  • 80 Ball Bingo
  • 90 Ball Bingo (Housie)

75 Ball Bingo (Traditional American Bingo)

This game is one of the oldest to come out of America. 75 Ball Bingo is dated back to the 1920s, traced to Edwin Lowe who discovered the game at carnivals across America. 75 ball has become world-wide today. Introducing online Bingo's made it more relevant in the 2000s in the UK by the way, even though it was different from 90 Ball, which was the most prevalent in the UK.

90 Ball Bingo

As earlier stated, 90 Ball Bingo is the most played in the UK, meaning that the UK is the base of this variation before the introduction of other variations. Generally, it is the most popular version of Bingo. This game may also be called Tambola or Housie.

30 Ball Bingo

Amongst all main variations, 30 ball bingo is the latest baby added to the group, as one of the kids around the block. 30 ball is also the simplest of them all because it involves a very small count of numbers. Anyone can play the 30-ball game, the flexibility made way for this.

80 Ball Bingo

80 Ball is different from every other Bingo variation in that it is played differently with different features. It shares similarities with neither 80, nor 75 - ball games. 80 ball Bingo is also known as Shutter Ball. Although different, the game is also very interesting to play.


Bingo Gaming is a very interesting game to play and one thing that gives it an edge ahead of other games is its variations. Players get many choices to choose from, this will eradicate any form of boringness that repetition of games might cause.

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