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Are Multiplayer Slots a thing in the UK?

Some players may have heard about a multiplayer slot before and dismissed it as an urban legend. Multiplayer slots are essentially slot games where multiple players can enjoy the same slot at the same time - try playing Guns N Roses Video Slot. They can actually be found at certain casino sites.

What is a Multiplayer Slot? 

A multiplayer slot is also known as a community slot, it is essentially a slot type which allows multiple players to enjoy the game at the same time. Although some parts of the game will be played alone, a multiplayer slot allows players to enjoy the bonus features together. Although players won’t be in the same room with each other while playing this type of slot, thanks to the miracle of technology that doesn’t matter. Players will enter a virtual room, where they can talk to other players and see what their gameplay stats are. Things such as spins and winnings will be on display. When a bonus is triggered, players will then be invited to work together to try and accumulate as much as possible. Players will also have a better chance of claiming the bonus round jackpot when playing together as well!

How do they Work? 

Multiplayer slots may seem like a confusing concept to some players but they are actually incredibly simple to understand. 

  1. Once the player has agreed to play a multiplayer slot game they will be taken to a virtual slots room which contains all the other players.
  2. Up to six players can enjoy a multiplayer slot at a time but they are not always randomly generated, if players have friends online they can invite them to join the multiplayer slots session!
  3. Multiplayer slots are completely different for slottournaments. Players work together to get a win in multiplayer slots while in tournaments they are competing against each other.
  4. Stake size can often be confusing considering there are six competing players but players will receive winnings depending on their personal stake size for the bonus games. It is not affected by the amount that others have staked, it is all on you.

Examples of a Multiplayer Slot 

As multiplayer slots are still a relatively new concept, there have yet to be a ton of variations released. The following are some of the most popular current releases.

  • Wheel of Wealth Multiplayer is a multiplayer slot game which has over 25 paylines for players to enjoy. There is also a massive jackpot which will be worth up to 2000 times the players initial stake!
  • No Worries Multiplayer is a popular multiplayer slot game that offers players the chance to win a nice amount of cash thanks to its fun jackpot wheel. The slot features a beautiful theme of African wildlife and over 20 paylines for players to enjoy. 

In Conclusion 

Multiplayer slots are a thing in the UK but they are not the most popular slot variation out there. Although they are gaining in popularity thanks to their ability to allow groups of friends to play together.

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