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Are All Progressive Jackpots Released
by the Same Developer?

If there is one kind of online slot game that players all around the world can get behind, it has surely got to be the progressive jackpot slot type. Not only do they offer ambitious igamers a chance at partaking in a massive payout, but they also give them the opportunity to not veer far from their favourite style of slots - play online jackpot today.

This is because the progressive slot does not have to adhere to any certain theme and play style, meaning that if you are interested in futuristic slots, safari-themed slots, or even just the classic slots, there will always be a progressive slot for you.

Need you not even go particularly far. Due to their immense popularity, progressive jackpot slots can be found on most online casino sites, touch upon the most popular themes, and are created by the worlds’ most trustworthy developers.

Who are the top Progressive Jackpot Slot Game Developers?

In answer to the question on everybody’s lips, (and the one in our title!) progressive jackpot slots are not all created by one developer, but are, instead, made by a plethora of companies ranging from world-famous to independent.

Here are just a few of the progressive jackpot slot developers that you need to check out:

  1. International Game Technology – For this one, we are going back to our roots, the origins of the progressive jackpot! IGT created the first-ever slot of its kind in 1986 and it took the world by storm.
  2. Microgaming – If you have ever played Mega Moolah or any of its cousins, then you have played a progressive jackpot by the leading prog-jacks in the business. Mega Moolah is, to this day, the most popular progressive jackpot slot game, so you can certainly trust Microgaming when it comes to the most exciting form of slot games.
  3. NetEnt – How could we talk about progressive jackpot developers without even mentioning NetEnt? These game developers are at the top of their game and have been for a while, so whatever type of online slot game you play, you should be looking out to see if your game is developed by NetEnt. If they are then you are surely in for a secure and sweet ride! So, have a look out for their award-winning prog-jack game, Mega Fortune!

Should you Play Progressive Jackpot Slot Games Online?

Now that you know all there is to know about the best developers in the business when it comes to progressive jackpot developers, should you play them?

If you are a little bewildered and need guidance, then fear not because we have created a simple table on the advantages and disadvantages of playing progressive jackpot slots by the best developers:

Pros of progressive jackpots Cons of progressive jackpots
You are in the running to win big jackpots You are in the running to win big jackpots
Smaller shares of the pot still available Difficult to hit the big time
Just like any other slot game Maybe it does not have your favourite theme
Easy to pick up and play Nothing beats the classics
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