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Analysis of Bets on Fouls in Soccer

Nowadays, bookmaker's offices operate in a highly competitive environment. Betting online is available to all interested users, the number of which is constantly increasing. The number of resources that provide the opportunity to make bets is also increasing respectively. This leads to the fact that bookmakers have to use different methods to attract the attention of players. For example, many try to offer a wider line than competitors, as a result, sporting events are accompanied by additional outcomes.

Almost all bookmakers allocate bets on fouls in a separate sector, where everyone can choose the option. Among the additional types of betting, this one particularly attracts many bettors. Studying soccer predictions today, you can significantly increase the chances of winning, learn favorable quotes, find out new facts for further analysis and form conclusions.

What should you know for proper analysis?

Before making a bet on fouls or any other bet, it is recommended to follow a certain algorithm. It is best to conduct a comprehensive analysis, familiarize yourself with a number of factors before selecting a bet. When betting on fouls, it is necessary to take into account:

  • the level of the clubs involved in the upcoming game - in a confrontation between the outsider and the favorite, the first is likely to foul more often;
  • what tactics are used by each team - there are clubs that use small tactical fouls as part of their strategy;
  • refereeing - a lot depends on the referee in the game, so it is worth to get acquainted with the specifics of the style and learn the statistics for recorded offenses, yellow and red cards, suspensions;
  • the cruciality of the confrontation - if the result of the game is important for the opponents, they may choose an aggressive style;
  • timing - usually the first half is more relaxed, and the second half has a higher number of violations, because of the fatigue of the players.

In pre-match analytics, many take into account other factors. For example, even things that seem insignificant at first glance can affect the number of violations: for example, weather conditions, field conditions can be distinguished among them.

Advantages of betting on fouls

Fouls betting is more suitable in live mode, but it is important to understand that it requires extreme attention and quick reaction to changes of the situation on the field. Betting on fouls has its own advantages:

  • availability - almost all bookmakers provide the opportunity to bet on fouls;
  • easy analysis - to correctly predict the number of violations, it is enough to get acquainted with a relatively small number of factors;
  • the presence of the so-called "value bets" - often bookmakers make mistakes in calculating the odds, the bettor should correctly notice it and make a successful bet.

Bets on fouls can be called one of the most attractive in the coverage, because they allow you to achieve good winnings to both experienced bettors and beginners.


Today, almost all offices begin to include bets on fouls in their lines. It should be understood that they have features that must be taken into account. For example, to improve the performance, you can look for value odds, which requires competent analysis.

Playing with a certain strategy, taking into account all the nuances of pre-match prediction, increases the chances of winning. But it is important to remember that even a careful analysis of all the factors cannot guarantee a winning. Sometimes the outcome of the meeting is decided by chance or luck.

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