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Top 4 Best Alternatives to PUBG Mobile
| Games like PUBG

Games are now becoming a normal part of our lives. Due to the powerful and new generation phones, everyone can experience and play different games. There are different games for different categories like board games, strategy games, racing games, etc. I know you are a gamer and you want to try some new battle royale games, that is why you are here to know about the best alternatives to PUBG.

As of now, the trending game category is multiplayer games. Even if we dig deeper into it, we will find that the most trending game is a battle royal game. Almost everyone in the world loves battleground games. I don't know about you but I love battleground games.

If we talk about Battle Royale mobile games, then the first game that comes to one's mind is PUBG Mobile. You can also compare its popularity to Free Fire but you can't compare its gameplay and realism with other battle royale games. Because of this, there are clashes between fans of PUBG and fans of other battle royale games.

Although many people like PUBG, there are some people who are getting bored with it. They want to try something new and different. Personally, I was tired of it too. I wanted to try games with different gameplay, graphics, realism, etc so that I could play and make friends with different groups of people

So I tried some battle royale games other than PUBG. After analyzing all the games, I found the best battle royale games other than PUBG which you are going to read in the coming paragraphs. I tried to find games that give you the same experience as PUBG

So if you want to know about the Best Alternatives to PUBG then keep reading till the end of the post.

Free Fire

I would place Call of Duty in the first place because of its graphics and gameplay, but Free Fire is on top because of its size, popularity, and free fire free diamond/rewards in the game. You get almost everything in this lightweight game. It has different modes like 4v4, deathmatch, battle royale match, etc. Not only the modes but there are also many maps to play in it.

The main mode (Battle Royale) is like PUBG, you have to land on an island and the last man will win. Even after being so popular, some people complain about the recoil of the guns because it doesn't give the real feel. Along with this, some people also complain about so many bots in games.

Its main criticism is that there should be fewer bots if only 50 players land on an island. But I think it is not a big problem. As you move up your rank you will see fewer bots. Another reason Free Fire is so famous is its outfit and gun skin. You'll notice that there are tons of unique gun skins and costumes, along with cute pets. You must try this game to entertain yourself

Call Of Duty

If you have played PUBG then you must have heard about this game. Just like PUBG, Call of Duty is also a Console/PC game. But after seeing the immense response and craze for PUBG Mobile and other battle royale games, the parent company Call of Duty decided to launch a mobile version of it.

One of the best parts of this is that you get regular updates. Along with the updates, you'll also see a variety of maps, personalization, guns, and more. After playing it I realized the best part of Call of Duty is that its graphics and gameplay are over the top.

Due to its heavy features and graphics, its game size is more than 1.5 GB. I think it's really big. You will definitely have fun while playing Call of Duty Mobile. My personal favorite is Deathmatch. I love playing against my friends and beating them up. If you haven't tried this game, you definitely should.


The third alternative game to PUBG on our list is Fortnite. This game is really popular among PC/Console gamers. This is also a survival game but it doesn't feel real. You can say that it feels like a Fantasy Survival/Battle royal game.

Fortnite has officially released its mobile version but not for all devices. This is the biggest flaw of this game as It is not compatible with all devices. This is the reason why Fortnite mobile is not as popular as other mobile battle royale games. As a result, most of your friends may not play the game

If you can't find it on your OS App Store you can download its APK (if it is compatible). If you have tried this game then you cannot deny its amazing graphics. Its concept is quite unique as you can build/craft items instantly. I can't explain it, you should try and enjoy it

Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival

As its name suggests, you have to fight for your life(in-game) to survive in the game. This is really a good survival mobile shooting game with great graphics (for mobile). Another plus point of this game is that its sound quality or sound output is good.

If you are playing this game for the first time then maybe it will remind you of PUBG mobile as it almost looks like PUBG. Not just the look, the concept is also almost the same with PUBG. For example, just like in PUBG, 100 people will land on an unknown land, and the last person standing wins.

Its name also tells a lot about this game. "Hopeless land" means that you have no hope of survival on the land. I think it's a really cool name. Like other battle royale games, you can play in a team, chat with your friends, and can do much more.

Even if your phone's specifications are low, don't worry, the game runs on low-end devices as well.

Wrapping it up

That's it, friends. I know the list is short but keep in mind that we are looking for the best alternative to PUBG Mobile, and it is not easy for any game to be an alternative to PUBG Mobile. Still, I have mentioned a few games that I think could be an option. In the end, it is up to you whether you play these games or not.

Extra Tip:- Do not play these games for a long time, otherwise you may face some problems later on. Everything is good in moderation. So try to play the game at limit

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