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Addiction to Sports Betting: Ways to Get Rid of It Effectively

Sports betting is one of the most popular activities among fans of various sports events. While there is nothing wrong with betting on sport as a pleasant timepassing, sometimes it can transit into dependancy. The desire to feel the excitement and at the same time get money from winning your favorite teams or athletes is getting stronger. Betters have a feeling of confidence in their actions, so they spend almost all their free time in bookmakers, and in order to place a bet, they begin to take the money they have earned out of the house. A psychological pathology from sports betting begins to develop, called gambling addiction, which is becoming more difficult to get rid of every day. 

Why is there a craving for betting?

The desire for sports betting first of all arises because of winning a lot of money in a short time, which should solve all the life problems of a bettor. Even if in the initial period there was interest in the game of your favorite team, then over time it develops into a thirst for money. An analogy can be drawn with slot machines that attract with interesting gameplay and beautiful graphics, and subsequently develop an addiction and the inability to live without making at least a minimal bet.

Even if you make virtual bets, and not just real ones in a bookmaker's office, then over time a person who is interested in sports can still become addicted. In fact, a pathological craving will be created, which will lead not only to bankruptcy, but also to mental disorder, loss of family, social alienation. An addicted person will stop living his life, as he will spend all his free time at slot machines or at the box office of bookmakers.

Among the main reasons for involving people in betting are:

  • Due to the peculiarities of the psyche of different people, they can be included in a certain cycle, first because of interest, and then with the formation of dependence. The brain begins to focus on completing tasks, gets hung up and does not allow a person to stop in time. The desire to win becomes irresistible. Gambling begins to develop.
  • The desire to play causes dysfunction in memory, which is almost impossible to solve without the help of psychologists. Among the symptoms, one can single out the commission of uncontrollable acts that are unusual for a person, painful confidence in winning, loss of rational thinking, and also not noticing real problems.
  • The social influence of close people and the environment who make bets and show by their own example that this is a positive behavior, and dependence on sports betting will never arise.
  • An irresistible desire to earn a living by betting on sports, illusoryly thinking that it is much easier than officially going to a factory or other job every day.

Since most bookmakers profit from players, they often give them recommendations that allegedly allow them to earn a huge amount of money on strategies. People's vigilance is reduced, they forget that this is gambling and it's not a matter of strategy, but of chance.

Main symptoms of betting addiction

Betting addiction is present when the following symptoms are present:

  • A person has lost his usual interests and has no hobbies other than sports betting.
  • Reduced communication with family, friends and colleagues. Feeling of isolation, secrecy, mistrust.
  • All actions are aimed at betting. A person is even ready to quit the main occupation. There is no concentration of attention on the current type of activity, it gives the impression to others that he is detached from reality.
  • There were changes in the psyche, the person ceased to be calm and adequate. Instead, nervousness, irritability, panic attacks are observed, especially if it is not possible to visit a bookmaker's office. Over time, the effect is enhanced by the fact that insomnia appears, pain in the head, concentration is lost, aggression towards others increases.
  • If a person decides to play, then nothing will force him to interrupt the process of making bets. Between rates, the gaps are decreasing, and the amounts are growing. The competitions themselves are no longer interesting, instead, without any reason, confidence in winning is formed even after a series of losses. A person develops some schemes, creates strategies in order to finally start winning in sports betting. With a real analysis of opponents or playing teams, the connection is completely lost.
  • The dependent person loses his moral character and position in society. Although he makes promises to everyone around him to stop playing and not to make bets at the bookmaker's office, he does not fulfill this, because he is not going to.

In fact, a person cannot stop betting on their own without the help of psychologists or even specialized treatment. Therefore, if you find at least a few matches, then stop launching slot machines and visiting bookmakers.

How to protect yourself from addiction?

Before embarking on the path of betting, it is important to understand how you can protect yourself from the absorption of the psyche, the loss of your family, loved ones and relatives. There are a number of recommendations and rules that must be strictly followed:

  • You do not need to open accounts with several bookmakers in the hope that some of the conditions for betting are better or that there will be an opportunity to win in dishonest ways.
  • You should not replenish your accounts with amounts that are comparable to your basic expenses, as this can lead to financial problems.
  • Betting cannot replace the main source of income, since it is associated with many risks that are not justified in any way.
  • Large bets can be more frustrating and stressful than fun. Therefore, if you decide to make such bets, then be prepared to simply part with the money.
  • Bets should be limited in time and quantity so that this process does not increase the excitement to the maximum and there is no desire to waste money senselessly.
  • In no case should you win back, since these will mostly be ill-conceived actions, for which you will then have to answer.

If you have the feeling that the symptoms of gambling addiction appear, you should not wait until they develop into a serious disease. The first steps should be taken immediately by contacting a psychologist.

How to deal with betting addiction?

If you feel the presence of dependence on bets on sporting events, then in this case you can use the following methods of struggle:

  • Talk to loved ones who need to fully trust their experiences and feelings. They will be able to give practical advice that will prevent serious consequences. In exceptional cases, relatives may simply feel sorry for you and not speak the truth in person, you need to be prepared for such an option.
  • Seek help from psychologists. After talking with you and conducting a series of tests, specialists will be able to give a qualified assessment of your health status. If necessary, he can advise effective methods of dealing with the disease or conduct psychotherapy sessions. You should not be ashamed of contacting a psychotherapist, because there is nothing reprehensible or shameful in this. Abroad, this practice is considered the norm.
  • Find a group of anonymous players and start chatting with them. Experienced bettors will be able to explain with personal examples how destructive betting can be and why you should not mess with it. They will also help you with advice, you can share your problems and find a response.
  • Close accounts with bookmakers. This will keep you from spending money. Since many legal offices do not allow registration of several accounts, they will not allow you to use their services in the future.
  • Do not mention gambling in conversations, exclude such a concept forever from life. Betting or gambling should be replaced with something useful, for example, you can spend your free time with your family, go in for sports, go for a walk, etc.

Any of the methods may work for you. Do not underestimate any of them. You need to start with the simplest ones.

How do bookmakers counter gambling addiction?

Responsible offices that work officially develop entire programs to combat gambling addiction. Their essence is to counteract the commission of a large number of bets in a short period of time. The punishment may be a warning, and after a second violation - a permanent ban without the possibility of restoring the account or creating another account. At the time of creating an account with a bookmaker and opening an account, a bettor has the opportunity to specify the cash costs for bets in a certain period of time, usually it is 24 hours. Such restrictions may seem negative at first glance, but later many players find themselves grateful for their introduction by bookmakers.

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