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ACNH Guide - 4 Secrets About
Characters in Animal Crossing

Do you know secrets of character in Animal Crossing New Horizons. With such a wide variety of interesting special characters to talk to in the game, such as Tom Nook, Isabel, the Abel Sisters and so many more hidden and obscure details about these characters. This guide will share some thing about Animal Crossing character that you might have missed. If you need cheap ACNH bells and ACNH items, go to the most legit store

ACNH Guide

1. Tom Nook’s Obsession

Tom Nook as the business raccoon who is in charge of operations on your Animal Crossing island, as well as the mastermind behind the island getaway package. He is the guy you can go to to expand your home. However did you know that Tom Nook is actually interested in into golf. There's more than just one hint to this in Animal Crossing New Horizons. The first being the golf clubs that you can see in the resident services tent before it upgrades. Later special golf magazines at Tom Nook has in his office in the upgraded resident services building. If you're not convinced though, this started in happy home designer a spin-off game for the 3ds where Tom Nook could be seen sinking golf balls during some of the game's loading screens. The background for Tom Nook has been carried over to New Horizons.

2. Able Family

The able sisters have a complicated family history which is something that has been explained throughout all of the different Animal Crossing series. The thing that we learn from in Animal Crossing New Horizons is the Able family portraits on the wall behind where Sable works. If you look really closely, you can see a book which appears to have been handed down throughout the family, as it has hedgehog on it. Since their parents died, Sable has been in charge of the store and handling the creation of clothing, whilst Mabel handles the customers who come into the shop. Originally their sister Labelle was estranged from them, but now they're all back together. Even if Labelle has gone off on her own to pursue her fashion career. Hopefully we can see them all together again one day in Animal Crossing New Horizons as they were back in Animal Crossing New Leaf.

3. Blathers Book

This is the most hidden secrets in Animal Crossing New Horizons. If you visit the museum during the daytime, you're likely to find Blather fast asleep as he is an owl. However if you visit during the night blathers will be wide awake. On some occasions, you can actually catch him reading a book to keep himself entertained through his long work nights. However, we don't know exactly what he's reading, once you upon closer inspection, it does seems related to the museum. Another interesting detail about blathers that you might not know is that he likes sable does not wear a hat for Halloween or Christmas like most of the other characters do.

4. Redd & Too Nook Past

You may have noticed that Redd a traveler who visits your island via a shabby cargo boat at the secret beach. Is not exactly the most welcome character on the island, not only because he sells ACNH items fraudulent arts, but also he and Tom Nook have a history. This has been foreshadowed in previous games, especially in happy home designer where Tom Nook talks about how foxes are. Tom Nook will talk about how he's worked with fox before, but never will again due to the incident. However, Redd tells you to be aware of Tom Nook and that he cannot be trusted.

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