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A Guide to Slot Bonuses: Best Offers, Tips and Tricks

When it comes to online slot games, there are tons of offers to take advantage of. One of which is to play free spin slots aside from your deposits. Here are some super helpful tips and a few tricks of the trade to help ensure you’re best equipped to seek out and benefit from the myriad offers out there!

What are Bonus Offers?

As you’ll know if you’ve ever carried out and online search for slot games, there are hundreds of online casinos it direct competition with one another for your business: they all want you to play the slot game on their online casino! As a result of this healthy completion, many online casinos offer bonuses, for example, £70 welcome bonus plus 50 free spins with a £10 wager for new customers when they sign up. Watch out for these, and don’t be afraid to shop around to get the best welcome bonus so you have the best start!

Slot Strategy: Bonus Hunt!

Now you’re aware of the competitive market and that online casinos will offer bonuses, a strategy you could employ would be to hunt bonuses to maximise free opportunities to play.

Once you’ve signed up to an online casino and used up your free spins or introduction bonus, you can seek out the next best offer and switch to the different casino to take advantage of the bonuses they’re offering, continuing down the food chain essentially so you get numerous free spins and bonuses. Although this may not be the most sustainable strategy and takes some research, it’s worth giving a try as you’ve got nothing to lose since it’s a free bet!

The best way to do this is to play slot games that pay out more frequently, but have smaller pay out amounts, this means you’re more likely than I meet the bonus/betting requirements. Then, once the bonus is cleared, simply cash in and move onto the next slot game and repeat the strategy. Remember, always ensure you’re playing on a trustworthy casino and read the terms and conditions, and sometimes in order to cash out you may be required to make a cash deposit if it’s a substantial amount.

If you’ve never tried bonus hunting before, here are a few tips to make sure you are well equipped before your hunt! First and foremost it’s important to read the plying requirements tied to the bonus on offer, and if a bonus sounds too good to be true, like 300% off your first deposit, it will be true but, there may be requirements you need to meet that may be difficult in practice, so be vigilant and do your research and comparisons between bonuses offered.

It’s good to know that the most worthwhile bonuses offers are bonuses which essentially balance out the amount of money gifted and plying requirements which are achievable. For example, anything between 100-200% alongside 20-30 x play through would be a good bonus to take advantage of!

There you have it, a little food for thought on offers, tips and trickson slots and bonus hunting to give you a head start! 

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