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5 Players Fastest to 5000 Runs in IPL

Players Fastest to 5000 Runs

Achieving 5000 runs in the IPL is a big accomplishment and cricket enthusiasts eagerly await this excitement. This achievement is a testament to a player’s skills and consistency. IPL has seen several players reaching this 5000-run mark. Regarding the record of scoring 5000 runs in IPL, Virat Kohli scored the most, i.e., 7044 runs. But David Warner is leading the scoreboard of the fastest 5000 by scoring 6397 runs. Explore the top five players to reach this milestone in the history of IPL, celebrating their remarkable journeys in the league.

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Fast & Furious: IPL’s Top 5 Players with Fastest 5000

IPL isn't just about sixes and wickets; it's also a battleground where some players sprint towards a remarkable achievement – 5000 runs. These players are also popular among bettors on online cricket betting sites. Check out the top cricket wizards who have achieved this feat...




David Warner



Virat Kohli



AB de Villiers



Shikhar Dhawan



Suresh Raina



Rohit Sharma



MS Dhoni



Batters Who Achieved the Fastest 5000 Runs

Check out the top five batters who have achieved the fastest 5000 runs in the history of IPL.

David Warner - The Star of Fastest 5000

Topping the list as the fastest to reach 5000 IPL runs is the Australian left-hander, David Warner. Known for his explosive batting and leadership skills, Warner accomplished this feat in just 135 innings.

  • Representing Delhi Capitals and Sunrisers Hyderabad in his IPL career, Warner's consistency and aggressive style of play have made him a standout performer.
  • He scored 6397 runs at an average of 41.54 and a strike rate of 139.92 with 4 centuries and 61 half-centuries.
  • His three "Orange Caps" in 2015, 2017, and 2019 showcase his exceptional batting prowess, making him a force to be reckoned with in the IPL.

Virat Kohli - The Run Maestro

Virat Kohli, the epitome of consistency and captaincy, secures the first spot on the list.

  • The former Royal Challengers Bangalore player and the all-time leading run-scorer in the IPL reached the 5000-run milestone in 157 innings at an average of 37.25 and a strike rate of 130.02.
  • Kohli, with his unmatched ability to chase down targets, has not only smashed 5000 runs but has gone on to cross the 7000-run mark. His score includes 7263 runs.
  • His contribution to RCB's batting line-up is unparalleled, featuring 7 centuries and 50 half-centuries in his IPL career.

AB de Villiers - The Cricket Superhero

AB de Villiers, the South African batting maestro, holds the third position as the third fastest to 5000 IPL runs.

  • Known for his innovative and breathtaking strokeplay, De Villiers achieved this milestone in his 161 innings. At a strike rate of 151.69 and an average of 39.71, he scored 5162 runs.
  • A true IPL legend, he played for Delhi and Royal Challengers Bangalore, leaving an indelible mark on the tournament.
  • With 3 centuries and 40 half-centuries, De Villiers' impact on the IPL remains unforgettable.

Shikhar Dhawan – The Ultimate Player

Shikhar Dhawan takes the fourth spot in the list of fastest to 5000 runs. The left-handed opener has played for Mumbai Indians, Sunrisers Hyderabad, and Punjab Kings.

  • Dhawan has scored 6617 runs in 168 innings at an average of 35.39 and a strike rate of 127.18 making him a key player in the IPL.
  • His score includes 2 centuries and 50 half-centuries.
  • Dhawan's ability to provide solid starts and adaptability to different teams makes him a valuable asset.

Suresh Raina – The Cricket Legend

Suresh Raina was the first player from the Chennai Super Kings to score the 5000-run mark.

  • Raina scored 5528 runs and achieved this milestone in 173 innings at an average of 32.52 and a strike rate of 136.76.
  • His score includes 1 century and 39 half-century.
  • His batting abilities, consistency, and ability to perform under pressure make him a vital player in the team.

Concluding Thoughts

The journey to 5000 runs in the IPL is a remarkable feat that requires skills and consistency. All these batters who have achieved this feat have showcased their batting prowess. As the IPL continues to evolve, fans eagerly await the emergence of new players aiming to etch their names in this record book.

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