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Top 5 Weird Accidents For Which You Can File Personal Injury Lawsuits


No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen. Although nobody intentionally wants to harm you, accidents can occur due to negligence, the duty of care, etc. However, it’s essential that you should take the right actions for getting compensation if you get injured in an accident.

According to a reputed personal injury law firm in Atlanta, many people don’t take the right steps for which they don’t get the compensation that they deserve after an accident. Again, some people even don’t know that they can file a lawsuit if they don’t get what they deserve.

When to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

There are some standard personal injury accidents, and some are unusual. No matter what, they can be detrimental to your health. You should file a personal injury lawsuit to get compensation for your medical expenses, pain, suffering, and loss.

1. Suffocation

Suffocation can cause the death of a loved one, and it occurs. When a person suffocates, his/her consciousness is lost, and blood circulation stops to the brain, which causes the death of the person. Here the injured person doesn’t get enough oxygen after the consciousness is lost.

In such a case, the hospital can be held responsible for several reasons. It can be due to negligence or medical errors, or whatever reasons. You can file a personal injury lawsuit in case of suffocation against the medical.

2. Drowning

If a loved one is killed due to drowning in a swimming pool, you can bring a lawsuit for the loss. You can bring a death lawsuit against the owner if it's a private pool or against the management if it's a public pool.

You can also file personal injury lawsuits in case of serious injury too. Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer is essential in this case. You should not neglect to consult an expert in this case. Otherwise, you cannot get the compensation you could get if you hired a personal injury lawyer.

3. Over-exertion

You might have heard of personal injury cases at the workplace, such as vehicle accidents, slip-and-fall cases, etc.However, many employees don’t know about a particular kind of personal injury case called over-exertion.

In overexertion cases, an individual is injured for performing tasks that are beyond their physical capacity. The common type of this injury case is lifting heavy objects or doing repetitive tasks at work. For this case, an employee can file a personal injury lawsuit and get compensation.

4. Mental Distress

After an accident or a traumatic incident, psychological injuries are common. There is no doubt that the insurer will compensate for your medical expenses and physical injuries and pain. Additionally, you can also get compensation for mental distress.

However, you need to prove that you are going through mental distress. Psychological injuries include anxiety, depression, fear, bitterness, etc. Your doctor should report that you are going through such mental problems as evidence.

5. Pet Bite Injuries

Another type of personal injury that you might not think of is pet or dog bite injuries. Even if a person doesn’t have any intention to harm you, they will be held responsible for their pet’s irrational actions.

There are several scenarios in pet bite injuries. In the first case, if the pet attacked someone in the past, the owner will be responsible for not keeping the pet in control. Another case is if the behavior of the pet will also be considered. No matter what the situation is, you should hire an experienced personal injury lawyer who can improve the chances of getting higher compensation.


The above information includes some of the weird accidents for which you can get compensation. It can be due to the negligence of someone, or it can be due to irrational actions or any of the reasons mentioned above. It’s always better to consult an injury lawyer who can help and guide you to get the right compensation.

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