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Military Lawyer Vs. Civilian Lawyer
- Why to Choose Military Lawyer?

Most people don't have any idea of the discrepancy between a civilian or military lawyer. Even the courts of both of the lawyers are different.

Let us guide you on the difference between military and civilian lawyers. They differentiate in their...

  • Cases
  • Situations
  • Courts
  • Appeals
  • Jury
  • Case Processes

When there is a case, you get the option of keeping a civilian or military lawyer. But for that purpose, you should know the difference between both. This will help you hire a best martial court attorney for your case.

Do you know what is UCMG?

UCMG is a mentor of the military and JAG lawyers. They are bound to obey the laws implied by them. If military lawyers don't follow as UCMG says, it eliminates lawyers from the stance. UCMG deals with the court-martial procedure and supervises the;

  • Air Force,
  • Navy
  • Marines
  • Army
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The Difference in Procedure for Filing an Appeal

Court appeals have the same importance whether the request occurs in civilian or military court. The accused individual has a right to contest the court's decision with an official appeal against it. This action elevates the case to a higher legal body such as a high court.

It may sound like that the debate about military lawyers is irrelevant in this context since the right to appeal is available to the convicted in every scenario. Still, in-ground reality, things are pretty different than you expect. If you find yourself needing specialized legal guidance, you might want to call this appeal attorney, who can provide expert assistance through the intricate appeal process.

The central aspect of this is filing the appeal and the content and language used within the appeal form. Each department has its own designated appellate court in the military, which handles all the requests filed from any individual department.

The actual hierarchy through which the appeal process takes place is almost similar for every department. The process is quite time-consuming, and there are absolutely no ways to make the process any faster.

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Civil lawyers usually have less experience with critical cases. They are not familiar with filing any unusual appeals rather than the regular appeals that may occur daily. An appeal usually executes via civil courts or federal courts; this is entirely up to the appellant.

Therefore, we can assume that a civil lawyer may not be ready for an unusual case out of the blue. As a result, they make civil lawyers less likely to succeed with the appeal, regardless of which court they file the request.

The Difference in the Jury

Usually, in a civil court, a jury accumulates 12 members in total. As per the constitution, this Jury mainly consists of higher-ups. The choice is given to the lawyers to select the 12 jurors from within a pool of specific individuals.

The juries are much smaller in the military courts as compared to civil courts. The number of jurors can be 3 to 12 in total; this depends on the category of the court-martial to execute.

Generally, this Jury may consist of commissioned high-ranked military officers. It says the individual on trial can also request certain people to come to the Jury.

Another significant difference in-between military and civil courts are the standard procedures in place.

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For example, in a civil court, there is a chance of the Jury ending up hung. A jury happens when it cannot reach an altogether verdict after consideration. The military courts, on the other hand, eliminate the possibility of a hung jury. They do this by changing the rules and requiring only two-thirds of the Jury's decision to execute a conviction.

Suppose there are less than two-thirds of the jury members without a decision. In that case, that automatically makes the convict not guilty. There is only one exception to this scenario: only when the death sentence penalty is considerable for the convicted person.

Lastly, another difference is that military courts usually give out one sentence, which accumulates for all the charges. While in the civil courts, the juries have separate votes, and the verdicts are given out for each order specifically.

Which lawyer is Competent for a Veteran - Military lawyer or Civil lawyer?

Generally, when a veteran commits a crime, the case is presented in the military court rather than civil court. The question is, is it any better as compared to a civil court?

The truth is that military lawyers are a better option. It also depends on the crime; in some instances, a civil court could be more forgivable. But in some severe scenarios, military lawyers can end up being the only option. 

Military lawyers are the go-to option for veterans. We all know that there are a vast number of veterans that suffer from psychological illnesses. 

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  • Military lawyers help individuals like these much better regardless of the court being civil or military. 
  • Military lawyers have experience specifically with individual veterans oppressed by a substance or post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD.
  • Military lawyers help prove in court that the condition affects a veteran who may have committed a crime due to this and allows the individual to get the recovery treatment approved by the judge.
  • A military lawyer will help you decide and outline the best set of solutions for your problems. Appoint a lawyer who can help you with your conviction.

Let's talk about the central concern. Why do you need to hire a military lawyer? If you hire a civilian lawyer for your case, they don't assure you if you are going to win the case or not. Civilian lawyers never give the guarantee of it.

There are many types of lawyers, specialised in different fields and have a particular knowledge about that specific scenario.

However, in our exploration, individuals who hire military lawyers usually go better with the case. Military lawyers know how to play the game at what time and when to hit a shot. They might be expensive but worth spending. You might require a military lawyer when:

  • Blamed for a criminal crime
  • Dealing with owner quarrels
  • Attempting to prevent a court-martial
  • Blamed for a crime that specifically requires a military lawyer to defend your case
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