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The Complete Guide on What to Do After a DUI

After a DUI

Were you aware that getting a DUI is a serious crime that shouldn't be taken lightly?

The DUI meaning is "Driving Under the Influence." Any time you drive after using drugs or drinking alcohol, you can get arrested for a DUI if an officer sees that you're driving recklessly. DUI checkpoints are also set up in larger cities on purpose to catch people driving from events.

While the penalties for getting a DUI will vary depending on where you live, you'll most likely have to pay a lot of money and go without driving for awhile. Fortunately, knowing what to do after a DUI will prevent you from running into bigger problems.

Read on to learn more about what to do after you get a DUI!

Receive the DUI

Upon getting pulled over, the driver will be asked to perform a sobriety test to ensure that they're not driving while intoxicated. This is commonly done with a breathalyzer, which tracks how much alcohol is in your blood.

If an officer gets a high enough number, which will vary depending on your state laws, they'll have the right to arrest you for a DUI.

You'll then be taken to a jail where you'll have your photograph and fingerprints taken. Depending on your state, you may be able to get out immediately after paying bail. However, whether you get bail is determined by the initial judge that sees you after you're placed in jail.

Anyone that's been to jail before may end up getting denied bail, but it's up to the judge's discretion.

Hire a Lawyer

After you get the DUI, the first thing you'll need to do is hire a lawyer. Many people try to go through their cases without one, but this will prevent you from getting anything done. Without dui attorneys, you cannot properly defend yourself.

You can find a DUI lawyer online within minutes. If you don't get a bond, you can hire any lawyer that you know or you'll be provided with one. You should work with someone that you've hired in the past because having a relationship will make it easier to move forward with the case.

When hiring a lawyer, you'll walk them through the events that led up to you getting a DUI. From there, they'll determine what's necessary to ensure you get the fewest charges possible.

Many people that get a DUI end up getting charged for other things that can easily be tacked on, such as reckless driving. However, a lawyer can prevent something like this from happening by producing evidence.

Have a Court Hearing

When it comes to the DUI proceedings, the first thing that will be done after you're placed in jail and given a bond is a court hearing. During the court hearing, a judge will determine what your sentence should be.

Some people will be sentenced to time in prison whereas others will have to do probation. No matter what your sentence is, there's a good chance that your license will be suspended unless your lawyer can produce evidence that says you're innocent.

Get a Suspended Driver's License

When your license is suspended, you'll be unable to legally drive. The suspension length will vary depending on what happened and how intoxicated you were.

Those that have never gotten into legal trouble will get lessened charges, such as being unable to drive for a few months. Those that have gotten arrested for a DUI may get their license permanently suspended if the judge thinks they'll keep doing it.

Enter an Alcohol and Drug Education Program

One of the conditions that many judges have is that defendants must go through an alcohol and drug education program. DUI classes will benefit you even if you've never been arrested for a DUI because you can learn a lot about the dangers of driving under the influence.

During one of these programs, you'll work alongside a counselor and other people that have been arrested for a DUI. They'll show you how to work on your alcohol abuse problem and you may have to go through several exercises until you can get out of the program.

Pay Fines

Most people that are proven guilty of driving under the influence must pay fines because of a variety of things. Aside from endangering others and property, you can get fined simply for having high blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels.

If you already have DUI convictions, expect to pay much more. While the exact value will vary depending on the state and judge, you can expect to pay several thousands of dollars. This is to prevent people from driving under the influence again.

Now You Know What to Do After a DUI

After reading this article, you now have a better understanding of the DUI meaning. Knowing what to do after a DUI will ensure that you go through everything as smoothly as possible. Should you find yourself getting arrested for a DUI, we encourage you to hire a lawyer as quickly as possible.

Look into your state's laws to learn more about the necessary BAC levels required for a DUI arrest. Providing that you know everything about the laws, you'll prevent yourself from ever getting arrested for it if you decide to drink.

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