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Why Use a Name Generator to Help Name Your LLC?

When it comes to setting up an LLC (limited liability company), the first stage is to come up with a unique name for your business. Depending on the name that you choose, you have to figure out whether you just want it as an additional brand name or your name as a business as a whole. Creating a name for your business is very important, since it is what first catches the attention of the customer. If your name is too long or complicated, the customer will never remember it. It is best to come up with a name that is short and memorable. Here are a few tips that you can read below, or you can read more about it online.

Name Generator

What do I need to consider when coming up with a name?

When setting up an LLC and coming up with a name for your business, you need to include LLC or limited liability company in the name. You cannot include any terms that are related to the federal government or local government, such as FBI or police. If you need to include terms such as attorney or university, you will need to seek permission to do so by doing extra paperwork and having someone in that profession on your business team. It cannot be similar to another business name that already exists.

Why should I use a name generator?

If you get stuck on coming up with a name, you can use a brand name generator to help you come up with one for free. Not only that, but they can actually check for you if the name is available and show you your name visually. It is a powerful tool to use when it comes to brainstorming unique ideas for your business name. You can try out 4 to 5 different names and you can also run it on the federal trademark database for business names, to see if anything similar comes up. Even if you do not have an existing business, you can still generate names and select a field that you ideally would like to branch out in. This then gives you an idea for a business and the field that you want to pursue with.

What happens after I have come up with a name?

You would need to purchase a domain for a website, even if you haven’t created a website yet. If you do not, it will only cause complications to your name, because it gives the opportunity for someone else to take the name. It is also cheap when you get a domain, plus you have control and ownership over it. Think of it as another way to legitimise your business online and personalising your brand.

Our say

Coming up with a name is the first step of setting up your LLC. You have to follow the next steps of hiring a registered agent, handling filing with your Secretary of State, create an LLC operating agreement and lastly you need to get an EIN. You would also need to register your LLC for your state taxes, get business insurance and separate your personal assets with your business assets, but getting a business bank account and card.

It doesn’t matter about the size of your business, what matters is benefiting your business by setting up an LLC. You get to attract more customers with a legitimate and professional name, you get to pay flexible state taxes, your reputation of your business can be saved by hiring registered agents and you can get additional assistance from professional advisors and registered agents. Not only that, but you do not have to be served a lawsuit in front of your family, peers or customers. There is an endless list with benefits of setting up an LLC and it is one of the easiest procedures to do online or by mail.

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