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USAA Personal Injury Claims - Why You Should Hire a Lawyer

USAA is a popular insurance provider that offers insurance plans, rates, and coverage to military families. Unfortunately, the company can take advantage of accident victims who do not have an attorney on their side.

They will use tactics to deny, delay, or defend claims and only give you a fraction of what you deserve. These lowball offers can leave you with far less than the compensation you need to recover from your USAA personal injury settlement.

Get Medical Treatment Right Away

Getting treatment as soon as possible after an accident is important for two reasons. First, it makes it less likely that USAA will try to argue that your medical condition isn’t related to the car accident. Second, it helps you recover faster.

Doctors will want to know about every symptom you experience, even ones that seem minor or insignificant. This will help them better understand what happened and how serious your injuries are.

You should also report any symptoms you have that are related to the car accident, such as pain and suffering. This includes things like psychological damage, anxiety, and PTSD.

Most large insurance companies like USAA use a strategy known as delay, deny, and defend to frustrate and confuse injured victims when they file an accident claim. These tactics can be frustrating, but they can also be used as leverage by an experienced personal injury attorney. Ultimately, the goal of any insurance company is to minimize payouts as much as possible.

Document Your Injuries

If you get hurt on the job, documenting your injuries is crucial. This means keeping a detailed record of your symptoms, the specific body parts affected, and anything else to help you prove your claim in court.

This is especially important if you are working with an insurance adjuster. They will want to hear the exact details of your accident to calculate how much money your claim is worth.

Once USAA receives your report, they will assign it to an insurance adjuster. They will call you to discuss the details of your injury and ask for a recorded statement.

These statements will serve as a starting point for USAA’s investigation. Then, they will make a settlement offer that may not cover all your damages. This first lowball offer can be devastating if you don’t have an experienced personal injury attorney on your side fighting for you.

Don’t Talk to USAA on Your Own

You should never talk to USAA alone until you have talked to an attorney. A reasonable attorney will help you understand your legal rights and hold USAA accountable for the claims they made against you.

USAA is a member-owned insurance and financial services company that predominantly serves military service members and their families. Because the company is member-owned, it ensures that its board of directors has buy-in from its members on decision-making.

It also guarantees its members receive annual distributions from the surpluses it collects in collected insurance premiums.

It’s also known for offering great perks to its active service members, including waived deductibles for uniforms and discounts on stored vehicles while deployed. Plus, its website features an advice section and a chatbot that answers quick questions.

Hire an Attorney

When you’re injured in a car accident and want to file a compensation claim, you don’t need to handle the claim yourself. It’s important to hire a lawyer that understands how to maximize the value of your USAA personal injury claim.

In our experience, USAA insurance adjusters are highly skilled at lowering their settlement offers. This is because they are a business and know they can profit from delaying, denying, or paying out as little money as possible to settle claims.

A good personal injury lawyer will fight to get you the full and fair settlement you deserve. This includes the value of your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages.

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