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Law, Lawyer, and Types of Lawyers
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Generally, by the term law, we understand the system to prevent violence in society and establish peace. The Law Ladies have the expertise to handle these cases, usually enforced by the social institution or government as well as regulated.

1. Lawyer and Attorney

The person who studies law and determines to stand beside the injured or victim of any social violence is a lawyer. Well, there are two general terms with slight differences, a employment lawyer and an attorney. Who studied law, is a lawyer. He becomes an attorney when he passes the bar examination and represents the victim in the court. Afterward, the designation of that person turns into an attorney.

If we look around, we shall find various types of lawyers. The vitals are-

2. Employment Lawyer

To deal with legal issues regarding organizational factors that employees and employers need to follow. An employment lawyer’s first responsibility is to determine and explain the term, ‘an Independent Contractor vs. Employee status compared. Some other responsibilities are working for harassment at the workplace, termination in the wrong way, racism or discrimination, and many more. An attorney can provide legal advice according to the types of organization and employees. 


3. Criminal Lawyer

During this discussion, the second type of lawyer works with criminal law. A criminal lawyer is a lawyer with a specialization in criminal law and studied bail, criminal trials, arraignment, and many more related to criminal cases. This criminal lawyer has divided into three types.

  1. Public Defender
  2. Prosecutors &
  3. Defense lawyer.

4. Family lawyer

When dealing with legal problems like child custody, alimony, or divorce, the attorney you should look for in a family lawyer. This classified lawyer generally works for family-related issues. To create an accurate formal statement, agreements, and other documents related to family issues, you must consult and ask for the help of a family attorney. For this purpose, you can find reliable Black lawyers in Philadelphia.

5. Tax Lawyer

A tax lawyer works to navigate you properly to pay your income taxes or be accused wrongly by the authority of the tax collection institution. This lawyer's responsibility is to stand beside tax fraud, failure to file a return of the tax, and any problems related to tax. Tax can be paid with no attorney; nonetheless, to avoid the wrong direction and claims, one must seek a tax attorney's help.


6. Civil Lawyer

Another type of lawyer is a civil lawyer, and this lawyer's assistance is commonly used all over the world. This lawyer's primary responsibilities are working for disputation of a contract, auction lawsuits, disputation of a property, and many general issues we may face in our daily life.

7. Corporate Lawyer

If you own a business or about to start, to maintain the proper functions and requirements of the law system, you must hire a corporate attorney. An individual alone can do this, but without a corporate lawyer, the accuracy is not determined, and there is a high possibility of suffering from the mistake. If it is an international financial institution, it needs the help of a lawyer like Rich Ehrenreich to look after its legal matters.

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