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Types of Lawyers and Their Speciality

No matter what your legal troubles are, there’s possibly a legal professional who is professionally trained to deal with your particular legal issue.

If you’ve been looking for a legal professional that will help you clear up your legal case and troubles, you’ve possibly found out there are numerous sorts of attorney lawyers. The legal subject is huge and complex, and you’ll discover that many lawyers specialise in a selected area of law and legal matters. 

So if you are in need of a legal professional, be certain that they have the specialized knowledge and skillset to address and deal with your particular situation.

Here’s a list that we have curated to provide you with an overview of different types of lawyers.

Estate Planning Lawyer

These lawyers have their expertise in wills and trusts and will assist you in preparing up a will to pass on your assets. There are various types of estate planning legal services that these lawyers provide. Among these services, there is one that is very uncommon and people are not usually aware of it is setting up a trust. This trust will take care of your children’s financial needs, in short, it will secure their future financially.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you’re having financial troubles and are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, it only makes sense to consult a bankruptcy lawyer. A bankruptcy legal professional can help you with your eligibility criteria for bankruptcy, the type of bankruptcy that will be best suited for you given the circumstances. In addition to that, they will also help in exploring other options if there are before you file for bankruptcy.

Personal Injury Lawyer

The name says it all, personal injury lawyers are experienced in handling injuries caused by accidents. So if you have been in a car accident or any other accident, apart from doctors, you need to seek help from personal injury lawyers. These lawyers are very well experienced in negotiating with insurance companies. And that is the reason why expert personal injury lawyers endorse hiring a good lawyer because they can get you the right compensation for the damage you suffered.

Intellectual Property Lawyer

An intellectual property lawyer, also called an IP lawyer, can recommend you with reference to troubles regarding intellectual property, inclusive of copyrights, trademarks, patents, business layout and change secrets. They will help you with filling forms and collecting all the necessary documents. You may want to hire them to avoid any sort of exploitation and fraudulent practices.

Employment Lawyer

Whether you are an enterprise that’s having trouble with an employee, or you are an employee who is facing issues with the enterprise that you work for, then you need an employment lawyer. These legal professionals can offer recommendation regarding legal issues and norms as per the employment contract between the employer and employee whilst being within the limits of the employment relationship.

Corporate Lawyer

A corporate lawyer will help you in setting up a corporation or will help you out with the already set up corporation. Their area of specialization is the formation of a corporation, issues related to general corporate governance, issues related to corporate compliance.

Immigration Lawyer

Living in a foreign ground and making it your home sound dreamy, however, there are many affairs and proceedings related to it So, when you are handling immigration troubles, you’ll need to talk with an immigration legal professional. These sort of legal professionals are nicely versed in handling immigration matters inclusive of visas, citizenship, refugee or seeking asylum and green cards.

Criminal Lawyer

People are usually familiar with criminal lawyers and their prowess. Criminal lawyers are well seasoned in areas like arraignments, bails, arrest, pleas, or any other issues related to criminal activities. So if you are facing criminal charges or have been falsely accused, you need to turn to criminal lawyers.

Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Even the doctors make mistakes sometimes such as misdiagnosis or inaccurate treatment, etc. and in case you’re dealing with such medical malpractice then legal help is what you need. Medical malpractice lawyers are well versed in such issues and they will put their best foot forward for you to get justice.

Tax Lawyer

Getting into hassle with the IRS isn't fun. Tax legal professionals have their experience in the many intricacies of the federal, national and local tax laws. They are capable of offer recommendation for the specific type of tax trouble you are facing.

Family Lawyer

Family matters are very complex and at times they can get really messed up and ugly. Hiring professional help might come in handy in times like these, even if it is against the family because you have the right to get what is your fair and square. Family lawyers will help you solve matters like child custody, child support, divorce, spousal support, spousal betrayal, prenuptial agreement, etc.

Workers Compensation Lawyer

If you’ve been injured whilst at the job, or have faced the death of any of your loved ones because of an accident in the workplace or occupational disease, a legal professional who works for the workers’ compensation will let you navigate the troubles you are facing or have faced. Workers compensation lawyers’ services include the degree of employer’s fault and the amount of compensation you received against what you are entitled to.

Contract Lawyer

A contract lawyer or legal professional specializes in managing the troubles emerging up from contracts, which can lead to wide agreement-associated troubles. If you are facing problems regarding whether or not you should sign a documents/contract, or if after signing the contract you have realised that something has gone wrong, then contact a contract lawyer as soon as possible. These legal professionals will resolve your contractual issues and save you from a huge loss or damage. You can also ask them for tips on how you can avoid such problems in the future.

These are some of the most common types of legal professionals who can help you with the particular problems you are facing. If you go further in detail, you may find there are subcategories under this classification. It is always a good idea to seek professional expertise on a subject matter that involves the law.

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