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Top 6 Portable Torch Lighters in 2021

best torch lighters 2021

A great way to heat your rig or torch your wax-filled joint, torch lighters are a stoner’s best friend. Torch lighters are much different than the typical lighters you’re used to picking up at the gas station or pocketing from a friend. But, with how popular they’re becoming within the cannabis sphere, this leaves many smokers wondering which torch lighters are worth using and which ones to avoid. 

To help you find the best torch lighter for your smoke sesh, we’ve listed our six favorites to use in 2021. Each one of these torch lighters is different from the next, allowing a perfectly unique smoking experience.

Why Use a Torch Lighter?

Those who are newer to the smoking scene may wonder why someone would choose to use a torch lighter over a traditional lighter. Typically, those who utilize torch lighters are doing so because of the higher temperatures it produces. If you’re trying to heat your dab rig, for example, you would never get the nail hot enough to fully vaporize your dab by using a regular lighter. Torch lighters, on the other hand, do this effortlessly. 

Along the same lines, torch lighters are crucial for when you decide to get fancy with your joints and blunts and add a bit of concentrate inside. Whether you’re smothering the outside of your blunt in wax or sprinkling a bit of shatter on top of your King Palm, using a torch lighter ensures that you’re fully burning through the concentrates. Again, they require much higher heat sources to be enjoyed, and using a regular lighter with these special rolls simply wastes your precious wax. 

So, if you don’t yet have a torch lighter, or you’re looking for one that’s better than the one you have, we’re here to help. Below, you’ll find our six favorite torch lighters for your concentrate needs.

King Palm Newport Torch Lighter

King Palm Newport Torch Lighter

Price: $15

One of our favorite and most unique torch lighters we’ve come across is King Palm’s Newport Torch Lighter. This butane lighter easily fits right in the palm of your hand and is thinner than the width of your iPhone. King Palm offers these lighters in one of four colors: black, bronze, gold, or silver. 

To fill, you simply take the nozzle of your butane can and put it into the bottom of your lighter and push. After just a few seconds, the King Palm Newport Torch Lighter will be filled and ready to hit your bud. The flame on this butane torch lighter is much more powerful than your typical BIC, so we’d suggest pairing this light with a hefty King Palm pre-rolled cone topped with concentrates. The strong flame will burn through the golden wax with no problem, allowing you full enjoyment of both your flower and your cannabis concentrates. Not to mention, there’s no tricky button play with these lighters: all you do is squeeze the sides together and you’ve got fire. 

Guevara Butane Torch Lighter

Guevara Butane Torch Lighter

Price: $15

The Guevara Butane Torch Lighter is one of the best-selling torch lighters on Amazon. This brand produces a high-quality, hand-held torch lighter with an adjustable, ultra-powerful flame. (We know, that’s a lot of adjectives.) Unlike other torch lighters, Guevara’s comes with a large flame base itself, allowing for a thicker, wider flame when torched. For those of you with bigger bangers to heat, a hefty butane torch lighter like this one is easily the best way to go.

Along with being quite sturdy, these lighters are also completely windproof. That means you can take them into the great outdoors without any worry of your flame burning out. While wonderful for your rig, Guevara’s Torch Lighter might be a little too strong for your concentrate-filled blunt or joint--you’ll likely just torch it to death.

Tecboss Lighter 

Tecboss Lighter

Price: $16.96

Another wonderful option for torch lighters is the Tecboss Lighter. This butane torch lighter looks somewhat like a futuristic pen, able to fit directly in the pocket, hand, or any bag without issue. You’re able to easily adjust the height of your flame depending on how high of heat you need, and it has three layers of protection for ultimate safety and performance. 

To use this guy, all you have to do is squeeze the rectangular button on the side. The Tecboss Lighter is completely refillable, wind-proof, and will last up to 500 times when full. Great for a gift or just a way to treat yourself, this slim, rounded torch lighter is perfect for melting your wax and burning your bud. 

Topkay Windproof Turbo Flame Butane Torch Lighter

Topkay Windproof

Price: $31.99

Topkay’s Windproof Turbo Flame Butane Torch Lighter may be a mouthful, but it sure is one of the highest-quality torch lighters we can find. At first glance, this lighter doesn’t even look like a torch lighter; however, once it’s activated, the strong blue flame is clear. This powerful lighter is ideal for both heating your rig or lighting up your infused blunt wraps. 

Topkay crafts their Turbo Butane Torch Lighter with a bullet-form style that only relies on the push of a button to light. With the adjustable flame, you can use this specific lighter for all of your smoking needs--indoors or outdoors.

Zippo Adjustable Blue Flame Butane Lighter

Zippo Adjustable Blue Flame

Price: $54.95

Take things back to the good ol’ days with a Zippo lighter. However, this isn’t your typical Zippo in the slightest: this is an adjustable butane torch lighter. This new butane lighter comes with a double torch insert to produce an extra-strong flame. At first glance, this Zippo will remind you of the ones your parents had growing up; once you light the flame, though, you’ll be impressed by how far this brand has come.

Able to heat up to 2,300°F, the Zippo Adjustable Blue Flame Butane Lighter will get your rig to the perfect temperature in no time. Or, use it to light the end of your shatter-filled pre-rolled cone and embrace the full flavors this lighter helps you experience. 

RONXS Upgraded Torch Lighter

RONXS Upgraded

Price: $15.98

If you’re looking for a torch lighter that can do it all, the RONXS Upgraded Torch Lighter is the one to get. This impressive hand-held lighter comes with four jet flames, allowing a square-shaped spark that’s perfect for using in concentrated areas. 

Strong torch lighters such as RONXS’ are ideal for getting your rig red-hot in preparation for a massive dab. With this torch, the wax will melt effortlessly and you’ll experience all-encompassing flavor profiles that you won’t believe. Wind-proof, refillable, and adjustable, what more could you ask for from a torch lighter?

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