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Top 6 Finance Companies in New Zealand

Finance Companies NZ

Looking for trustable financial advisors for guidance? Or are you interested in knowing more about which is the hot market to invest? Or are you looking for an able company to file your taxes and manage your accounts efficiently? Well, if you are a citizen of New Zealand, look no further and browse this list of the top finance companies in NZ. So, without any further ado let’s begin:

1. Admiral Finance:

Admiral Finance is a New Zealand operated business worth mentioning in this list. They work to aid people in achieving finances at feasible rates. They also offer a variety of loans at easy conditions, have a lower minimum income then most finance companies and allow you to secure loans against property or automobiles. Admiral Finance is also known for offering mortgages with some of the lowest mortgage rates to its clients. With an easy to apply program and professional advisors to help you every step of the way, Admiral Finance is definitely one of the top rated finance companies in the market. So the next time you are looking to grow your business or need help with debt consolidation, or even want short time financial help, Admiral finance is definitely what you are looking for.

2. Finance New Zealand:

Whether you are looking to obtain a quick loan, a house mortgage or an instant finance, Finance New Zealand is the fresh approach to financial business. With raving client reviews, finance New Zealand is topping the market with its leading commercial, asset, and advisory business. With excellent funding business partners, Finance New Zealand is the go to company for lending. Along with competitive interest rates, they also provide exceptional professional financial advisors that structure finance solutions based on minimizing the total cost. Which is why if you are looking to hire a finance company that allows you to lend or provides mortgage at competitive mortgage rates, Finance New Zealand is definitely one of the most suitable companies to satisfy your needs.

3. Prospa:

Widely acclaimed for its transparency, Prospa is also well known for lending funds to small businesses. They are also appreciated for their customer service, well thought out application process and punctuality. Prospa is also one of the finance companies with the most positive reviews left by happy and satisfied clients. Prospa is also involved in assisting small and medium sized enterprises in their business ventures with quick funding to prevent a decrease in revenues or cash flow issues. Their application process is easy with minimal paperwork and hardly 10 minutes are required to do so, while the funding is available in as small a time period as 24 hours. They also offer discounts on early repayment. So, if you are a small business looking for fast funding or quick investment, approach Prospa for efficient finance solutions and seize the opportunity to make your business a success.

4. Geneva Finance Co:

Geneva Finance is quite popular for its amazing discounts on its insurance policies and for its newly developed online system. They also provide loans at some of the lowest interest rates in the market. Geneva Finance specializes in personalized loan programs for each individual and organization, and if you are a homeowner you qualify for amazing discounts at interest rates too. They also work on quite a small fee for their clients, and facilitate their customers with an easy application process and customer care services. They also provide a fixed interest rate for the entire term of the loan. You can enquire whether you are eligible for their loan providing service in a matter of minutes as they believe in not wasting precious time of their clients. So, the next time you are looking for a finance company that offers amazing incentives on insurance policies or for a customer friendly company that values the client above and beyond, apply at Geneva finance and co. for the best client experience.

5. Oxford finance:

Situated originally in New Zealand, Oxford Finance comes with 65 years of industrial experience to facilitate their customers and to prove their trust ability. They also provide extremely professional regionally specialized finance experts nationwide to help each and every customer of theirs achieve the best personalized financial plan that is individually created to suit their needs. They offer all kinds of finance including vehicle finance, personal finance and business finance. With a quick simple application process, excellent customer service rapport and a support team that is there to make sure you make a well informed financial decision, Oxford finance is definitely rising steadily in the market. So, if you have had your eye set on your dream vehicle for ages, or if it is time for an upgrade on the car you already own, or instead you are looking for a trusted provider to offer business loans at a good rate, look no further and hire Oxford finances to get a tailored solution and a smooth client experience.

6. Finance Now:

Finance Now is one of the rising companies in the New Zealand finance market and making a name for itself due to its various personal loans and low interest rates. They also offer a number of other services including debt consolidation to simplify your life, payment protection insurance, loans for life events and house repairs. All of that at a low fee with an easy online application process and an immediate reply to verify if you have been approved or not to save your time. So, have you been cancelling family vacations for ages because your budget wouldn’t allow you to go? Or have you been putting off home renovations and urgent repairs because you simply couldn’t afford them? Approach Finance Now to get the one solution to all your problems with a personalized loan.

So, the next time you encounter a financial unrest or need a loan to purchase a vehicle or a house or for business investments, rest assured and contact a finance company to help you overcome that issue and achieve stability.

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