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5 Tips When You Transact With Government Agencies

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Receiving social services from the government is a right by any citizen. In the Philippines, various agencies provide services for you. It can be for health, social security, employment, and trade purposes. However, some agencies have long transaction periods.

This is due to the existing backlogs, slow processing, paperwork, and in the case of the Philippines, bureaucratic corruption.

As you plan to transact with these agencies, ensure that you are well-prepared.

Prepare All Required Documents

Various government agencies in the Philippines require all citizens to prepare documents. It is done for verification purposes, and to prevent falsifications in paperwork.

The documents vary depending on the agency you will transact with. Ideally, you must bring the original copy of the document and a photocopy.

Next, you must give the photocopies to the agency so they can process your request. The government agency will not process your request accordingly if you lack a certain document. Therefore, it is important to have all the documents so you will have easy processing.

Please do not forget to double-check the required documents as stated on the government website. If you end up missing a document or two, you may have to reschedule your appointment.

Show Up On Schedule

All agencies follow a strict schedule. Whether the transaction is online or offline, it must be processed on time. For example, your transaction falls on a weekday and is set in the morning. What you should do is follow the schedule indicated in your appointment. It is government protocol that documents appointments such as passport renewal and NBI clearance are conducted on weekdays.

Following your schedule and showing up early ensures you a smooth transaction. You can set it for another day when you fail to push through your schedule.

However, you may need to pay extra for the rescheduling and the documents you did not use. In addition, you may have to brave others who wish for an appointment slot. Government appointment slots are notorious for being hard to book.

Exhibit Composure

When you are in the agency, show composure. Present yourself that you are here for government transactions. Doing so sends a message that the agency provides you with a service.

The atmosphere inside the agency can be tense due to the paperwork. You must keep your head up, which can lighten the mood.

Practice Courtesy

There may be times you encounter persons with disabilities inside a government agency. It is a must to show courtesy so they can have their requests processed immediately. You can wait for your turn as everyone in the agency gets the same service.

Show courtesy, especially to the elderly, pregnant women, and people with special needs.

Communicate Effectively

Communication is always important. Ask questions to those who are around you in the office, such as at the main desk. They can provide you with answers to your inquiries. You can also ask for clarifications when you have issues with your documents and payments. When all the information is answered, thank the main desk or person in charge.

Wrapping Up

Making government appointments is a part of the transitional “adulting” stage for fresh graduates. It may seem troublesome and intimidating at first, but it is doable. You prepare the documents, set an appointment, and go to the agency. Once you are there, know that you are here for the transaction.

You should also practice courtesy, especially to those with special needs, and be patient when waiting in line. And most importantly, communicate your purpose to the people in charge. Effective communication leads to easy processing.

In the end, your preparation will pay off.

Angelo Castelda

Author’s Bio:

Angelo Castelda works as a contributor for a news magazine in Asia. He loves to learn and understand diverse cultures and aims to share through his writing his experiences around the world.

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