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Real Contribution - Make Money Doing What You Love

By Enoch Tan

In this world, there are two categories of people who make money in society. One is the contributors and the other is the resellers. The contributors are the ones who create real value for society while the resellers are the ones who make use of the value created by the contributors to profit from. Because they leverage on the work done by others instead of doing any real work of their own, they are seemingly able to make a lot more money in a shorter amount of time than the contributors.

This is the lazy man's way to success. It might seem an intelligent way to make money, but is there really true genius in it at all? The only way for someone to find value to profit from is for someone else to create the value first. The contributors are the ones who have true genius in the work they do, not the resellers. Because of market deficiencies, contributors may not be as well compensated as resellers in financial terms. That is why the highest paid profession in the world is marketing.

This world is a marketplace. Money makes the world go round. People will only do good if there is financial incentives to be gained. The system of the world is flawed because human nature is flawed. Everyone is naturally self serving and focusing on material gains rather than the bigger order of the universe. We are being marketed lots of things that we don't really need. Through the power of marketing, the masses of consumers are influenced to spend money that they obtained from doing real work in exchange for products and services that do not contain full value of what they pay for, in order for large corporations and businesses to profit from and control society.

This is how the wealth of the world moves into the hands of the elite few. Those who have the gold make the rules. Those in power don't really care about contributing real value to society but in exploiting real work done by the masses and profiting from them. Money is a neutral tool that has been manipulated by the human elite, the ones who seek to rule over humanity in servitude of the higher angelic powers of darkness.

You do real work for a corporation which then takes your value created and profits many times over by reselling it to society. You are compensated with a certain amount of money which represents only a small portion of the value you provided. Other corporations then market their products and services you don't really need to you so that you will give them your money thinking it is the apparent solution to a real need that you have. Then they would continue using your money and work to rule society.

That's why only those who have lots of awareness either by intelligent thinking, perception and gaining knowledge about the workings of society, or have wasted lots of money on worthless purchases would be able to deflect the effect of marketing on them and keep their money where it belongs. Many a times, there is a superior solution to what you are looking for that can be obtained at a much lower price or even for free.

Many a times, the most popular selling products and the most expensive products are not the best products or the highest quality ones. The reason why inferior solutions are being sold more successfully and more profitably is because of marketing. In this flawed system of the world, marketing is king. With the best marketing you can sell junk as treasure. If everyone was spiritually aware and was able to perceive what is of the highest quality and had the ethics to promote what's best instead of what sells better and more profitably, this world would be filled with the best products, people would want to give their best work, and humanity would progress to perfection instantly.

Consider the scenario where the contributors decided to leave this planet and move to another one to form their own society leaving only the resellers behind. The society of resellers would diminish in value as it is being used up until the whole system falls apart and collapses. With no one doing any real work or creating value, they would literally run themselves dry and wither away to inevitable death. But whereas the society of contributors, everyone would give their best work as well as promote other people's work without need of financial motivation for the betterment of society. The society of contributors will literally turn into a paradise, a utopian city.

It is better to make three thousand dollars following your ideals and higher purpose than to make a thirty thousand focusing only on money making activities. Wealth is more than money, it is self esteem, happiness and fulfillment. When you do what you love the way you love to, it makes you truly happy and fulfilled. Do that which helps you to tap into your fullest potential rather than that which makes you the most amount of money.

Contrary to the ridiculous indoctrination of business world, your most productive activity is not marketing and promotion, but it is doing what you enjoy most of all. Marketing and promotion is only secondary to working your main vision. All this chasing the money mentality is what causes people to only contribute only a tenth of their true talent while spending the rest of their time and energy on other activities that are meant mainly for making money. The world would benefit a lot more from you if you gave more of your true gifts instead. You would benefit a lot more in return as well.

Choosing to focus on your passion is living the authentic life. You will make all the money you truly desire while having everything you really want that way. What does it profit you to gain the whole material world but lose the fulfillment of your soul? You do not really want lots of riches. You only want a good portion of it while pursuing the things you really desire in life. Money is power to be free to serve that which is according to your highest purpose. Money is to free you and not to make you its slave.

Why make lots of money first before you do what you love? Why not do what you love now, and make whatever money you can from it? It's better to build up to making a thirty thousand in 3 years spending most of your time doing what you love and then continue to do what you love, then to spend most of your time on money making activities to make that thirty thousand in six months, and then having to continue doing money making activities to sustain that kind of money for the rest of time.

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"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."—Carl Jung

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