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Sustainability and Financial Services (Infographic)

Society at large is actively turning towards sustainability. 99% of CEOs have said sustainability is an important issue, 59% have said renewable and low carbon energy options are currently being implemented, and 44% foresee a net-zero carbon emission future within the next 10 years for their company.

The financial services industry has multiple companies actively working towards these goals. Equifax being one of the most prominent, saying they’ll reach net-zero emissions in the next 20 years and even partnering with Google to achieve that.

One of the biggest efforts towards sustainability in this industry comes in cloud computing. This moves processing networks away from physical servers and into the digital realm. Migrations like this along with software changes could result in a 98% carbon emission reduction.

These emissions currently come from the near 369 billion purchases per day in the financial services industry. Equifax currently predicts their data centers make up 50% of their scope one and two emissions. Any effort, and in the case of Equifax, the complete effort to remove these data centers could really serve to reduce carbon emissions. Cloud computing is even predicted to reduce the carbon emissions 5.9% this year alone within the IT industry at large.

Sustainability and Financial Services
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