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10 Stocks to Look Out For in 2021

Stocks to Look Out For

Stock trading offers strong returns for wise investments. With the opportunity to make money over an ongoing period of time, investing in stocks is a valuable method of spending resources.

Different companies and industries perform better over time and stock values increase and decrease accordingly.

In recent months the fields of digital payments, IT, medical supplies, and video conferencing have all seen a rise in interest. Taking a look at past performance combined with an economic recovery in the pipeline all count towards a sensible look at investment options.


In an era of ever-greater working flexibility in digital payment options, PayPal is still the king of touchless payments. The company recently launched its own cryptocurrency service which has attracted considerable financial interest.


Tech is a smart area to investigate as 2021 gets underway and Alibaba is a leading light in global media. The China-based multi-national saw its share rise highly in 2020 thanks in part to a huge rise in online shopping in China.


Amazon’s powerful position shows no signs of waning. The huge company continues to grow into different spheres with plans to go into employee healthcare underlying its versatility.


The strength of an established market-leading name and a huge reserve of funds is the reason a tip for Hilton Worldwide Holdings makes sense. The hotel group is first in line to make the most of a return to lodgings and leisure and grow on its current 31 billion market cap.


During 2020, Zoom became the video conferencing app to go to. Its stock rose by nearly 400% as businesses and homeworkers flocked to its easy to use and reliable format of making online calls. There is good reason to believe that Zoom can keep its valuable place in how business communicates with a current market cap of 98.285 billion.


The software company looks a good bet for a continued rise in 2021. The need for business to take cloud-based computing and communication have led to the subscription revenue increasing by 18% in the final weeks of 2020.


A tip on Fiverr is a tip on a continued move away from established ways of working. As more people start to work for themselves and often from home, the so-called ‘gig-economy’ - which Fiverr has emerged at the head of- looks set to grow ever more prevalent.

IEC Electronics

A big part of sound investment is looking at the smaller companies as well as the giants. The medical and defence electronic component specialist IEC is one to look out for. A market value of $121.9 million and market capitalisation of $122 million lends weight to the belief IEC is a good option.

Editas Medicine

Exciting research into gene-editing techniques is at the heart of what makes Editas a good proposition to look out for. New developments in possible treatments for rare diseases and cell disorders provide plenty of interest for investors.


Online home goods retailer Wayfair has 10million more active customers than it had a year ago. With a focus on online shopping becoming more noticeable everywhere the company’s current market value of $23.9 billion looks set to increase.


It makes sense to look for stock options that are innovative and adaptable. When this is combined with a toughness to weather the market fluctuations, you have an attractive option to invest in.

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