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Why Every Business Should Use Stickers
for Brand Awareness

It is no secret that in any industry, a thoughtful detail goes a long way. Something as simple as a custom sticker with your company’s logo can set you apart from the competition, generating brand awareness. While stickers have been around for quite some time, they are coming back as an inexpensive yet powerful marketing tool.

Jukebox, a Vancouver-based company that is leading the way in creative printing projects, has added custom stickers to their extensive range of stunning printed products at affordable prices. Here, they share with us why custom-printed stickers have never been so popular and why every business should start using them.

Lowest cost, highest exposure

Although small, custom stickers can do big things for your brand. Because they are probably the most cost-effective marketing tool available, they are the perfect giveaway at events, tradeshows and fairs, or a good way to reward donors at fundraisers. And because they are lightweight, they are easy to pack and take on the road.

Versatile and durable

Stickers can be placed on virtually any medium, from laptops and phone cases to travel mugs and skateboards, increasing the numbers of potential viewers. And because they are more durable than any other advertising tool (lasting up to 5 years), they generate long-term exposure.

Eye-catching and immediately memorable

No longer just boring rectangle bumper stickers, custom printed stickers can be die-cut in the shape of your logo or any shape you want, becoming an immediately memorable object that can attract potential customers. These days stickers can be printed in a variety of finishes – from a subdued matte to a shiny gloss look – and good design combined with high-quality stock can help stickers deliver a multisensorial experience, becoming an ornament rather than a piece of advertising.

Your customers become brand ambassadors

When applied to a surface such as the back of a laptop or a water bottle, a sticker can travel through everyday life, turning your customers into brand ambassadors. This is another powerful version of word of mouth since, when displaid, a sticker is perceived not as an advertisement but as a personal endorsement: an honest and genuine statement supporting your brand.

An engaging gift

As opposed to brochures, fliers, or postcards, stickers are often viewed more as a gift than as advertising. Since they are light and easy to pack, they can be included in every order shipped to a customer, adding a nice branding touch and instantly becoming a pleasant experience – because who doesn’t love a little freebie?

However, like any marketing tool, stickers can only work well when made with great design and quality materials. Jukebox takes pride in their easy-to-peel custom stickers printed on durable vinyl with scratch-resistant ink. And because they stand up to water and humidity, they will create a lasting brand impact.

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