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How to Start a Real Estate Marketing Company in Egypt by 2023

There are many steps to setting up a real estate marketing company and it can take some time, but they are very easy and it is well known that once completed, the investor will have a profitable gateway and if managed correctly, can generate huge profits.

A lot ofinvestors need to know more about the process of setting up a real estate marketing company which is best managed to avoid the confusion and disruption of its construction, LaCosta Real Estate give you this detailed steps guide.

The first step is to select the head office of the company from which the investor intends to extract the documents. For this step to be valid, this head office must have a contract notarized at the property registry office, proving ownership or rental of the property in the investor's name and card number. There is a lot of good chances in New Administrative Capital like pyramids projects for example:

Pyramids Mall New Capital

The next step is to visit the investor's tax office to obtain a tax card. This step requires you to bring the electricity and water receipts for the head office, a copy of the company's owner's card, and the contract for renting or owning the head office.

Then, the third step consists of presenting the person to his or her Chamber of Commerce and Industry to obtain a license. to submit the tax card and the notarized contract to the company's head office, and a copy of the electrical connection and the investor's card to the head office.

Finally, a commercial register will be drawn upon the basis of the business license held by the person.

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Documents Required to Form a Real Estate Development Company

  • Registration documents for all real estate owned by the company.
  • This requires the submission of a detailed zone plan, which must be stamped by the association's engineer.
  • All documents relating to building permits must be submitted for all land or property owned by the company.
  • A detailed description of the functional structure of the company must be attached. This should include a complete distribution of the company's management positions, including the role of each of the company's founders.
  • Attach the educational certificates of each founder, with a certificate in Arabic or, if in English, a translation of the certificate.

What Data Must Be Provided With a Real Estate Marketing License

Before obtaining a license, investors should be familiar with the data that must be provided with a real estate marketing license, as follows:

  • The name of the company issuing the license, stating the purpose for which it was established.
  • Furthermore, its location and lifetime.
  • The name, nationality, identity card number, and residential address of the beneficial owner of the company.
  • If there are partners, their name, place of residence, identity number, and nationality.
  • A description of the division of the shares and the value of each share, as well as the total capital of the company.
  • The position of the directors, the names, nationality, and residence of the managers, and whether they are among the partners.
  • State the month in which the institution's financial year begins and ends.
  • State the name of the person to whom supervisory duties are entrusted. This statement relates to firms with 10 or more partners.
  • The name of the person who is in a position to manage the accounts of the company shall be stated.
  • It is also important to clarify the proportions prescribed for the remuneration of the directors.

The Real Estate Marketing Company in Egypt, Financially, has given birth to several opportunities for investment in real estate projects bestowed, as the new administrative capitals, Hurghada, Ain Sukhna, North Coast, Fifth Settlement, and Mostakbal City, makes it a great time to invest in Egyptian real estate.

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