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What Are the Stages of a Personal Injury Case?

Choosing a trial attorney to represent you in a personal injury lawsuit is a decision that will have long-term consequences for the injured party process and will give you personalized attention in addition to everything you require for your specific case. At Law Offices Of Michael Dreishpoon, we have been practicing the law in the New York metropolitan area for over 30 years.

An experienced queens personal injury lawyer know how to guide you, not only through the legal process but through your recovery. A personal injury case can be divided into the following stages:

Get medical treatment

Your health is the number one priority. Injuries from accidents can be serious and affect your future health. Consult your medical providers on a regular basis and follow all the recommendations for your healing. Both the type of injuries you have suffered and the level of treatment necessary to address them will be on your medical record, which will be submitted to the insurance company. Be sure to keep records of all expenses related to your medical treatment, including your provider bills, the cost of prescription drugs, and the cost of medical equipment.


The research stage often overlaps with the treatment stage. To get a successful personal injury case, the cause of the injury must be proven, and there must be proof that a certain party was responsible for your injuries. During an investigation, your attorney, if you decide to hire one, will gather documents and review the records related to the accident. This may include reviewing accident reports, speaking with expert witnesses, such as accident reconstruction professionals, and speaking with those who actually witnessed the accident itself. Your medical records, past and current, will also be reviewed.


Once you have reached the maximum level of medical improvement and the investigation is complete, a settlement package will be sent to the responsible party's insurance company. The package will contain documents supporting the liability and showing the damages you suffered due to the accident. It will also demand payment from the insurance company. The insurance company may respond by completely denying your claim, paying the full amount demanded, or, the most common result, providing a counteroffer in an amount below what you have asked of them. You can accept the counteroffer or decline and counterattack with another offer.

From our law firm in New York, our attorneys provide expert, ethical, and honest legal representation for the recovery of medical costs and other damages resulting from pain, suffering, loss of income, involuntary manslaughter and otherwise. We offer our services to individuals or families who have lost loved ones. If you or a loved one has suffered any of the injuries, please contact our law firm for a free initial consultation. We have helped many clients with our services as personal injury lawyers obtaining an excellent result in most cases and always acting professionally in our team.

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