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Capital Smart City Islamabad - Real Estate Wonder in the Making

Whenever someone plans to buy a house, excitement sets in automatically. And it should be because, without a doubt, this is one of the biggest accomplishments of anyone’s life. So, in which city or housing scheme are you planning to buy a property? Or are you looking for something special and out of class? If this is the case, Capital Smart City in Islamabad is the best option for you.

This massive project is the joint venture of two renowned names, the business tycoons Habib Rafiq Pvt. Ltd. and Future Development Holdings Limited (FDHL).

The concept of the smart city might be new to the people of Pakistan, but it isn’t new to the world. Developed countries all around have been working with technology to make things better for everyone for years. Seeing this, HRL and FDHL decided to bring revolution in the Pakistan real estate industry too. So, they launched the very smart city in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad on 2nd May 2019.

What Makes Capital Smart City Investors First Choice?

Modern amenities are something you can find in many housing schemes. However, there are a few traits that are hard to find, and those few really grab the attention of investors. Islamabad’s smart city developers know this well, and they have ensured they don’t let anyone down. You can freely invest in Capital Smart City because:

  • Approved by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA)
  • Classic Location (Accessible from Multiple Points in the City)
  • Investment Options Available for Overseas Pakistanis
  • Promises High Return On Investment
  • Smart Features
  • Affordable Rates & Flexible Installment Plan

Exotic and Accessible Location

For a real estate project to thrive in a region and for makers to build a trustworthy relationship with them, a location that is accessible from different points is of utmost importance. Both residents and investors are always looking for areas that promise development and are accessible.

A Capital Smart City is one such venture, but it is located near Islamabad International Airport and is easily accessible by the twin cities. You can also access this housing society through the Lahore - Islamabad motorway interchange at a distance of 9.2 km from the M 2 Toll Plaza near the Thalian interchange. This makes its location fall in the same premises at the eastern route of CPEC.

Capital Smart City is only 5 to 6 minutes away from Islamabad International Airport. Moreover, there are more housing societies that are on the same premises as this one. These housing societies are Eighteen Islamabad and Blue World City.

This exotic location and easy access from various points make Capital Smart city the best investment venture out there.

Moreover, the accessibility of Park View City Lahore is also one for the books. It can be accessed through Main Chakri Road via M2 Motorway and Ring Road in the coming future. You can also access this housing society through National Highway and Lahore Islamabad Motorway. The makers of this housing society are also looking at avenues to connect it with its own designated interchange, which will be approved by the FWO.

Master Plan of Pakistan’s 1st Smart City – Capital Smart City Islamabad

The master plan of CSC is outstanding. The master plan was first launched by the developers in 2021. So, if you are planning to invest, you can have a look at what society has there. The society is one of the biggest ones in the country as it is spread over 100, 000 Kanal.

Furthermore, if you look closely, you will notice that the project has an option for both commercial and residential investors. The entire society is divided into multiple districts. Here are the details about the districts, one by one.

  • The first one is the Aviation District. This one is the commercial hub quite close to Islamabad International Airport. The developers are planning to build an aviation academy in this district.
  • The next in the line is Overseas East. The location of this district is quite remarkable. In the south of this district, there is a golf course, University at the back, the commercial sector at the left, and on the right, there is a plane land to extend the block if needed in the future.
  • Executive Central is another wonderful district that has world-class infrastructure. From passive green areas to Villas and residences, you will find everything in this district.
  • For the sports enthusiast, the Sports District is also in the plan. This zone is very versatile. From huge sports complexes to residences and other entertainment platforms, you will find everything in one place.
  • Moving on, Education and Health Districts are also there that include outclassing education and health facilities. In the health district, 750 and 500-bed hospitals, laboratories, and many other facilities are available. On the other hand, in education, the district will have international-standard schools, colleges, and universities, along with playgrounds, museums, and whatnot.

But you must know that the list doesn’t end here. Panda District, Gate Precinct, Crystal Lake, Financial Square, Lake View Terrace, The Terraces, Capital Hills, Hills View Heights, and Cultural Heritage District are also part of this amazing housing schemes master plan.

Villas Option in Smart City Islamabad

Buying villas is the growing trend. It is a sign of luxury and modernism. In CSC you can find 5 and 10 Marla villas.

Both 5 and 10 Marla villas are available in Lake Boulevard.

  • 3 - Bedrooms - 5 Marla (Abbey Villas)
  • 4 - Bedrooms - 5 Marla (Strand Villas)
  • 4 - Bedrooms - 10 Marla (Harley Villas)
  • 5 - Bedrooms - 10 Marla (Regent Villas)

Capital Smart City - A Premium Investment Opportunity

The Lahore Smart City is an exciting real estate venture which is going to introduce the concept of a smart city in Pakistan. It is rich in architecture and hits all the right chords of innovation, creativity, and sustainability. Not only is this one a premium investment opportunity, but it is also a stunning residential accommodation for all those who are in search of quality living and enhanced life experiences. This is elegance at its best!

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