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Small Business Strategist EJ Dalius Shares Insights on Overcoming Entrepreneurial Challenges

Setting up a small business and making it succeed involves overcoming a series of challenges for entrepreneurs. Tripping up on any one of them can spell the end of your dreams. This is the reason why you need to anticipate as many as possible of the most common problems entrepreneurs face so that you are not taken by surprise. Some insights on the challenges entrepreneurs typically face and how to overcome them:

Inadequate Time to Do Everything 

It is very common for entrepreneurs to try to do everything by themselves. Unfortunately, since there is a limit to how much time is available, you need to make every minute count. The first thing is to define all your objectives and prioritize them so that you can attend to the most important tasks first. You also need to make a list of the most important things to be done daily to ensure nothing important is left out. You also need to involve other people so that you can delegate the jobs you are not doing yourself to them. These people could be full-time employees, freelancers, or even outsourced service providers. EJ Dalius observes in Trans4mind, the importance of hiring people with the right skills and then trusting them to do their jobs.

Inadequate Market Potential Can Lead to Business Failure, Warns Eric Dalius

Sometimes entrepreneurs are so enthused by their grand ideas of transforming the world with a revolutionary product that they fail to establish whether there is a need among customers for the benefit. The main reason for this to happen is insufficient market research that would have told them regarding the needs and wants of customers and if there are any opportunities that they can exploit. The study of the market will also tell them who their main competitors are and what they are doing right or wrong so that you can structure their products to be distinctive. Conducting market surveys to obtain feedback regarding the performance of the product is invaluable because of the opportunity they get to refine it to meet customer expectations.

Too Many Marketing Channels 

Traditional marketing channels can not only be very expensive for startups but it can be very difficult to measure their effectiveness quickly, observes Eric J Dalius. On the other hand, there are so many digital marketing channels that it can be difficult for the entrepreneur to decide the ones to use. You need to undertake an intensive study of your target audience to establish the channels that they use most frequently and their online habits so that you can obtain valuable insights into their content preferences and browsing habits. Rather than spreading yourself thin across too many marketing channels, it is better to focus on a select few for getting the most conversions and the maximum ROI by delivering high-quality relevant content and superior user experience.


Successful entrepreneurship can be a tough proposition and while you can plan to avoid common challenges, you will still face innumerable trials that can threaten the survival of your enterprise. Having the right attitude and the ability to learn quickly on the job can mean all the difference between success and failure.

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