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Shelter Service in Mexico

If you are wondering about establishing a business in Mexico, you have two options. Whether you can invest in standard alone operations or may contribute to a Shelter Service. The services are well-established through a program named "Maquiladora." Typically, all these services in Mexico are performing administrative functions of different businesses. Besides these functions, the shelter provider provides the following services:

  • Recruitment of Human Resources
  • Import-export administration
  • Employee payrolling
  • Custom management
  • Health & Safety of Environment
  • Provide facilities to real-estate management
  • Vendor relationship negotiation
  • Handling of Economic & Financial issues

Overall, the role of the shelter provider is to lower down the burden of administration. And it allows foreign companies to focus on competitive areas like excellence and improvement of engineering. These services are provided according to the demand of the manufacturer.

Some of the famous Shelter services in Mexico are:

Shelter Service in Mexico

TACNA Shelter services in Mexico

This manufacturing company is providing a full shelter service model to handle and simplify business administration on a large scale. They are providing these services since 1983 to relocate and operate processes in Mexico. Furthermore, this shelter service is offering site selection, legal & environmental compliance, recruiting human resources, project management, and import-export services.

More than 8500 employees are working under 45 companies to reduce the burden on the business administration of the company. If you are not familiar with law and regulation in Mexico, the shelter provider allows you to handle all operations within four walls of the company.

TECMA Shelter services in Mexico

This shelter company is providing a massive diversity of industrial entities. TECMA is handling all the circumstances of individual TECMA clients. The critical consideration of this company are as follows:

  • Structural corporation
  • Requirements related to production
  • Needs related to market
  • Operational size
  • Custom & supplier base deliveries

TECMA's shelter enables the manufacturer to achieve strategic and economic goals. The shelter is providing a user-friendly business model for the last three decades.

IMMEX shelter service in Mexico

The shelter service by IMMEX is providing valuable benefits since 1960. This shelter manufacturer provides a variety of services. The critical consideration of IMMEX is providing qualified labor, administrative staff management, real estate industrialization, and much more valuable benefits.

Other benefits of the shelter are to save income tax, license fee, and labor cost of the business company. If you are working under this shelter manufacturer, you can save more money. Besides, handling the administrative task, the shelter can handle intellectual property rights.

IVEMSA shelter service in Mexico

To minimize the risks of foreign companies, the Ivemsa is providing a unique way to do business. Without setting up a complex and challenging process, you can set up your entity with better management. The shelters are offering the safest way for businesses to low risk and liability.

With IVEMSA, you can retain intellectual property rights and have complete control over all the processes running in the company. Furthermore, the shelter provider is offering quick start-up, flexibility, agility to reduce the labor cost, license fee, and permits.


If you are looking for shelter services in Mexico, you have to analyse benefits. Choose the shelter service according to your business by keeping in view the services offered by the shelter providers. The main aim of the shelter is to provide you with the best administrative strategy depending upon the manufacturer's demand.

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