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Satoshi Nakamoto Richer Than Members
of the Walmart Clan

With Bitcoin reaching over $60,000 recently, its anonymous owner Satoshi Nakamoto is now richer than members of the Walton family

That is of course, if he/she/they are still alive. If Satoshi is still alive, he is sitting on one of the biggest lump sums anywhere.

When he first launched Bitcoin, the block reward was 50 BTC, and he was the only person to mine Bitcoin in the early days, until it gained traction.

Satoshi did this until he mined 1 million BTC, which are still untouched in a wallet. This leads many to assume he is either dead or lost his password. Wants to be dead!

50 bitcoins from the genesis block alone are worth more than $3 million, and his total stash of 1 million bitcoins is now worth over $60 billion at today’s price.

You can’t buy Bitcoin in Walmart yet, but you can spend it through gift cards, so imagine what Satoshi could buy in Walmart with all them bitcoins.

Richer Than The Waltons

Satoshi would actually be able to buy a large stake in Walmart if he wanted to waste his bitcoins, but of course Bitcoin’s anonymous creator isn’t one to waste his bitcoins.

At over $60 billion, Satoshi is now richer than many members of the Walton family who own Bitcoin.

After the Walmart price dropped and Bitcoin rose, Satoshi rose in the rich list above three members of the family.

Rob, Alice and Jim Walton are now worth an estimated $59 billion each, but combined the Waltons are still the wealthiest family in America, with a estimated net worth of $235 billion.

Will Satoshi Become The Richest person In The World?

Satoshi is now richer than members of the Walton family, but will he ever become the richest person in the world?

At the moment, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is the world’s richest person worth an estimated $182 billion.

For Satoshi to reach that worth, the Bitcoin price will have to more than treble from here, to $183,000 per bitcoin.

Many prominent Bitcoiners and price analysts believe Bitcoin will reach that this year, and if they’re right, then Satoshi will become the richest person in the world.

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