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6 Real Estate Marketing Tips for Beginners

Real Estate Marketing

The real estate industry has undergone massive changes in the digital age. The way we market properties and connect with clients has changed dramatically, and knowing how to adapt to this dynamic market is the key to success. To help you learn more about how to market to prospective buyers, we’ve come up with a few great tips for beginners in the real estate industry.

Produce videos

There are numerous trends in modern marketing, but one of them has taken the world by storm in recent years—videos. While other types of content are still prevalent in today’s ads and strategies, videos have seen explosive growth recently. They’ve become one of the most engaging forms of content, and they can provide real estate marketing agents with a medium to get their messages across more easily.

You can make use of online video editor tools to create and edit such high quality engaging videos for your real marketing business and take advantage of the tool to create highly professional looking videos in minutes with minimum budget and experience. It is one of the most sought out tools for beginners and comes with a host of features to help you create the videos you want.

It should come as no surprise that videos have become so integral to real estate marketing. They can enhance multiple stages of the buying process. While photos and descriptions can provide a good overview of a property, people don’t trust them nearly as much as they do videos. Videos can highlight the most impressive aspects of a property from a distance without requiring a visit. They’re the perfect compromise between looking and photos and seeing the property up-close and personal. The numbers back this up as well—listings with detailed videos receive four times as many inquiries as those that don’t feature them.

Create virtual tours

Following up on the points for videos, virtual property tours can help increase the number of inquiries significantly. While it is a more demanding form of video, a virtual tour provides an unprecedented level of detail to prospective buyers.

There is a high demand for these types of tours nowadays. Real estate agents throughout Australia are looking for experts that can create virtual tours using the design of a property. If you want a rudimentary version of one, there are plenty of online resources that can help you create it, even if you aren’t too tech-savvy.

Optimize social media

When it comes to real estate marketing—and marketing in general—using every channel available to you is a surefire way to increase your reach and chances of success. As social media permeates every aspect of our lives, it’s arguably one of the most important channels for marketing.

However, simply creating an account on every social media platform and posting the occasional update isn’t enough to draw the attention of buyers. A coherent social media strategy can provide much better results, though it is a more challenging endeavor.

A good place to start would be to create individual strategies for every social media platform. The way you market your properties on Facebook should differ from how you advertise on Twitter. This also depends on your target demographics.

Start a blog

Blogging is the bread-and-butter of modern marketing. It helps engage customers with a diverse array of content that will help them get acquainted with products and services. In real estate, it can help produce a high number of inquiries if done right.

When creating a blog, you should be mindful of proper digital marketing strategies. Focusing on SEO and keyword optimization will help users find you in Google searches. Consult digital marketers to see how you can create the most effective blogging strategy.

Create an online profile

When looking for a home, prospective buyers are likely to visit a large number of real estate websites. If you want to become a successful player in the Australian housing market, creating a profile on one of these websites is strongly recommended. Agent profiles benefit from the traffic of popular real estate websites, and they’re not difficult to create.

By updating your presence on these websites, you’re making it easier for buyers to find you and your properties. However, you must optimize your account to become as visible as possible. When users search for a buyer's agent in Sydney, your profile should be at the top of those search results. To achieve this, it's recommended that you utilize the same digital marketing strategies as mentioned before.

Start webinars

Webinars are wonderful live events that can help you increase exposure to your brand significantly. They’ve increased in popularity in modern digital marketing, and they play an important role in real estate. Webinars help you gain the trust and confidence of prospective buyers in a relaxed environment.

Creating webinars is easier than ever before. There are numerous apps and platforms that offer all the tools you need to get the attention of buyers throughout Australia and beyond. To ensure a good start in this field, research webinars from other real estate agents and see how you can implement similar strategies in your webinars.


Real estate beginners have a wealth of tools at their disposal to attract prospective buyers and make sales. Using as many of them as possible will ensure increased exposure and a much higher conversion rate. Consider some of the above examples and see how they can be applied to your marketing strategy.

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