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Public Adjuster vs. Independent Adjuster
- What Is the Difference?

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You might have heard about independent and public adjusters at some point in your life. But do you know the fundamental differences between them? If not, then don't worry! We've collected and noted down few significant disparities between a public adjuster and an independent adjuster below. So, keep reading till the end. 

Public adjuster:

As per both homeowners and business owners are eligible for engaging a public adjuster to help them recover in case of property damage. Once someone hires public adjusters, their main focus is to help the policyholder with the complexity related to the insurance claim procedure. 

Unlike an independent adjuster, a public adjuster assists the person who hires them. Once you hire them, it becomes their commitment to providing you a reasonable settlement. Of course, you must reimburse them a portion of your claims only after they successfully bring you the claimed money. However, you are expected to cooperate with public adjusters during their work constantly. 

Arranging relevant documentation, providing valid information, and talking in your favor are the significant duties of public insurance adjusters. But, remember, they are not attorneys. So, do not expect legal advice and 100% surety from their side. The things you can expect are an explanation of the insurance policy, some crucial advice, etc. 

Make sure to ask public adjusters specific details before hiring them. Some of the questions you must ask public adjusters before engaging them in your case are: 

  • Are they licensed or not?
  • Do they share some of their former customers' experiences?
  • How many cases are they handling right now? 
  • Are they competent enough to bring you your claim from the insurance company? 

Pros and cons of a public adjuster: 


  • Look after your best interest
  • Make the claim process less stressful 
  • Helps to fight against an inadequate settlement offer
  • Saves lots of time
  • Inexpensive and cheaper than hiring an actual attorney
  • Provide quick settlement 
  • Zero requirements of up-front payment 


  • Contingency fee arrangement
  • Small claims do not get accepted 
  • Not every public adjusters are the same 

Independent adjuster: 

Independent adjusters are the antagonists of a public adjuster. When someone claims to an insurance company, they hire independent insurance adjusters, often referred to as independent claims adjusters. 

Independent adjusters are not permanent employees of the insurance company. The moment you claim insurance, that very moment they get employed by the insurance company. The main tasks of independent adjusters are to examine whether your claims are accurate or not. For example, suppose you damage your car's seat and claim insurance money to buy a brand new vehicle. 

In that case, the independent adjuster's work is to let know the insurance company about the situation. This is when the insurance company will offer money only for requiring the seat, not the whole car. Moreover, independent adjusters always try to reduce your claimed amount. You do not have to pay them directly. It is the duty of the insurance company that hires them to pay them. 

If you are interested in knowing more about independent adjusters, contact a public adjusterat your early convenience. 

Pros and cons of an independent adjuster:


  • Provide exact details of your ravage to the company 
  • Do not charge a single penny from you 


  • Only work on behalf of the insurance firm, not you
  • Occasionally play negatively 
  • Always try to reduce the claims 
  • Most of the time, try to manipulate owners for a cheaper settlement 


These, in brief, were the significant discrepancies between a public insurance adjuster and an independent insurance adjuster. Both of their works are different, just like their role in the claiming procedure. Where a public adjuster works on behalf of the public, independent adjusters act for the company. Both are great in their fields and help us during the time of crisis.

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