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How Police Checks Can Set You Apart in
Australian Rental Applications

Say you have the perfect home that you have put up on the market. It feels right, and you are excited about hundreds of applications flowing in. However, you soon come to find out that because of just how great the place is, you have many more applicants who share the excitement of having found a home they would love to live in. You must be wondering to yourself, what can I do to make sure I find the best applicant for this place? Well, we have just the solution for you! Your best chance of finding tenants that stand out in a list of tens or hundreds of applicants is to require a certification that states that the tenant has passed an Australian police check and is safe.

Why are police checks important for rental tenants?

It is only natural to expect a landlord to want to acquire tenants that would not be a threat to the safety of other tenants or the property of the landlord, and would not open them up to potential liabilities. Police checks can help assure the homeowners that the applicant for their place is a person that is safe to be around and other tenants or neighbors around the property. Once you have passed a police check, the landlord will be much more comfortable in having you around because they have no reason to worry about their property being damaged or the health, safety, and lives of the people in proximity to you being in any form of harm. It can also help the landlord make sure no unlawful or illicit activities are taking place on their property, which can cause many problems for the owners.

The police check will provide the homeowners with information about any criminal record, or lack thereof, that you may have had in the past. For example, landlords always want to ensure that a possible candidate doesn’t turn out to be a registered sex offender, which could be a serious liability for them on account of negligence. Police checks can also help the landlord determine if the tenant is capable of paying rent looking into the financial record of the applicant.

While police checks aren’t the answer to stop all and any problems that may occur on the premises or property, it is one of the best ways to discourage any potential of such activities taking place. When tenants know that a police check can be required at any time, they will be sure to be more cautious when engaging in any sort of activity that can result in them being locked up behind bars. Police checks help ensure they stay safe and their property stays safe. In some cases, if a police check isn’t conducted and the criminal activity gets out of hand, the owner may end being questioned for possible involvement, or for knowingly allowing such tenants to stay on-premises when this is rarely the case. For a safer home, your best bet is to require police checks from your tenants.

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