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EJ Dalius on Overcoming Entrepreneurial Hurdles and Challenges

When you become an entrepreneur or CEO of a small firm, the feeling is wonderful because you will have people working under you, offering employment opportunities, and changing the world for better. Then, the road to entrepreneurship is not a bed of roses and has many challenges and obstacles on the way. That is the reason why EJ Dalius is here to tell you how to overcome the entrepreneurial hardships.

According to an article published on, an optimistic mindset is necessary to take challenges head-on knowing that many ideas may not click, but with time, one simple thing, turning out beneficial for your business. Here is how you can win over the major entrepreneurial obstacles:

Eric J Dalius believes in trying hard no matter what

Just think of the situation if Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or for that matter mark Zuckerberg lost all hope and gave up on their entrepreneurial goals. In such a situation, will you have been able to use the best PCs, OS, smartphones, iPads, or social media sites? Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin started working from a garage and today, every one of us using Google. Zuckerberg started from some university dormitory, but he is the owner of Facebook today.

Eric Dalius opines that being an entrepreneur is no easy job, but it is not about where you belong to currently, but where you want to reach in the days to come. So keep working hard despite the toughest of challenges without giving up. Be patient, work hard, and eventually, you will witness that breakthrough you have always dreamed of all these years.

Connect with optimistic people

When you connect with optimistic individuals, you will feel motivated to realize your business goals even when things are not easy for you. Staying in touch or consulting with negative-minded or pessimistic people will make you feel de-motivated and soon you will lose all zeal or enthusiasm to take challenges and overcome them.

Stay away from naysayers and connect with positive-minded individuals around you. Build good business relationships, not friendships if you want to share the same vision and goal.

Meditate to change your perception

Human thoughts are like images or visuals in your mind with a constructive or disparaging implication. Your perceptions decide whether you want to reach the zenith or remain stagnant when it comes to your business growth and vision. If you would like to make your mark as an entrepreneur, change your perception.

Meditate and re-frame your thought process while connecting with optimistic people. Read motivational books, listen to a motivational speech, stay away from all the noise, and alone for a while to introspect. You can simply sit in one corner of your room and do meditation or for that matter in your lawn to reflect.

You also need to change your thinking about challenges. Do not look at obstacles as a personal problem. Look at it as a stepping-stone to success.


Overcoming challenges is possible if you have the fire in your belly to win and succeed. Connect with positive-minded people and work hard.

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