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Why You Need a Lawyer in a
Construction Accident Claim?

Construction Accident

If you are a construction worker who has suffered injuries while working on the site, you can claim compensation. However, before you file a complaint or accept the compensation offered to you by your employer, there are certain factors that you must understand about the construction injury claim. In most cases, working on a construction site is considered hazardous. Hence, your employer will explain that the compensation you are being provided is the maximum that they can afford or is what is covered by your contract. But suppose you Hire a Construction Accident Lawyer from Louis Law Groupin Miamito evaluate your contract and the compensation offered by your employer. In that case, you might find that you are eligible for a significantly higher amount of compensation. It is difficult for a layperson to understand the complexities of the legal aspects of compensation if something is considered hazardous work. With the help of a lawyer, you can understand your rights and the compensation that you can get. Some of the ways that a lawyer can help you in a construction accident claim are as follows:

1. Help evaluate your claim.

An accident can prove to be a traumatizing event for a construction worker for him and his family. It can lead to loss of wages and income. This can be an additional stress for you, and as a result, it can be counterproductive. You might be tempted to accept the compensation offered by your employer or the insurance company, whereas you might be eligible for a significantly higher claim. A lawyer will help you evaluate the claim from the following aspects:

  • He will help you understand if the negligence of a third party caused the accident. In such a scenario, you are eligible for the maximum benefit.
  • The claim that you seek will cover not just your medical bills but your post-operative care as well. For example, if you have to undergo physical therapy to overcome the effects of the injury, then the compensation has to cover that as well.
  • The compensation offered by the insurance company will have to cover the loss of income that you have suffered due to the accident.
  • Your lawyer will also help you evaluate your claim against your reduced quality of life because of loss of income.

All of these have to be evaluated when you claim compensation for a construction injury. Your lawyer will guide you regarding whether the compensation offered by the third party corresponds to the trauma and loss of income that you are facing. This also has to correspond to the contract that you have with the company you are employed by. You can check this link if you want to hire a lawyer for your construction accident case:

2. Evaluating negligence in case of minor construction injuries.

In the case of a construction accident claim, it is essential to understand whether the negligence of a third party has caused the accident. For example, suppose a homeowner has hired you to carry out specific minor construction work in his home. In that case, the contract details should ideally outline the work, the type of adversities you can face at work, and the compensation you are expected to receive. Homeowners must enter into legal contracts with home service providers before hiring a construction worker to protect their rights and construction workers. After that, they should take proper precautions to ensure that there is no negligence on their part, and they should also follow the instructions of the construction workers to ensure their safety. Otherwise, it can be categorized as an unsafe environment.

Moreover, it can also be considered negligence on the homeowner's part, making you eligible for the maximum compensation. Depending on your company's contract with the homeowner who has hired your services, you can claim compensation. Your lawyer will help you understand the third-party negligence in your case and the compensation you can demand.

3. Mediating on your behalf with lawyers and representatives.

When you hire a lawyer, the most significant advantage is that you will not have to worry about mediating and discussing your case with lawyers and representatives of the third party. In most cases, the insurance company liable to pay the compensation will send a representative to evaluate your case. You will need a lawyer who will evaluate the case from your perspective and prioritize your requirements. This will reduce your stress and help strengthen your case. It becomes essential in case you have to go on trial with your case. You will need a lawyer who knows the intricacies of the case right from the beginning and can discuss all aspects of the case with representatives and lawyers of the third party.

4. A lawyer can help you file a case within a deadline.

When it comes to filing a case, it needs to be done within a deadline that differs from state to state. However, it can prove to be difficult for you or your family to get it done on time in case of construction accidents. But if you have hired a lawyer who has been associated with the case right from the beginning, he will ensure that the case is filed well within the deadline. This will ensure that the compensation is released quickly and the case is ruled in your favor. When you seek the maximum compensation in case of a construction accident injury, you need to ensure that it is a watertight case from your end. One of the easiest ways for doing so would be to hire an experienced accident injury lawyer.

If you are a Miami resident, you could Contact a Construction Site Accident Injury Attorney at the Louis Law Group in Miami to understand your rights in case of an accident injury claim. As a construction worker, you are expected to work with heavy machinery, and your work is considered hazardous by nature. However, that does not mean you are not eligible for the maximum compensation if you are a victim of an accident caused by the negligence of a third party. Learn more about Louis Law Group, a Florida Construction Site Accident law firm, via this Haiti Open Magazine business profile.

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