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Know Some Common Myths Associated With Insurance in Dubai


Are you planning to get good insurance coverage for you and your family and property but not sure if it is reliable? Then it is time to open your eyes and see different myths associated with a different type of insurance. In the future when you plan for a vacation or opt to buy a car, try including insurance in the plans by choosing a reliable insurance companies in Dubai.

This way at least you will be prepared for unforeseen events and thus enjoy the living in a real way. After all, to dedicate your time to medical emergencies, loss of baggage will be the last thing you ever want to do.

Myths associated with Travel Insurance

UAE is a country where the frequency of outbound traveling is quite more during the holiday season. Also, the risk of many incidents is equally high during that span. Now that means if you cancel a flight or miss one or the luggage gets lost, it is going to be a stressful event for you.

No matter how much investment you do for a perfect trip in terms of monetary, time, and emergency, if you don’t have travel insurance from reliable insurance companies in Dubai, it is going to be a hectic thing. But there are so many myths associated with travel insurance that often gives obstructing stand of the holidaymakers

  • Myth 1: Travel Insurance Is Pricey
    So many people think that travel insurance is an expensive thing. But the fact is it does not cost more than Dh50 for a five-day policy. That is why often travelers are prone to leaving this option is considering it to be pricey. But this doesn’t give them a peace of mind even when they take some time off to enjoy. Unplanned events can happen anytime and that is why it is important to have insurance which ideally is available at a great deal.
  • Myth 2: For Short Trips, Insurance Is Not Needed
    Many times, people think that for short trips nothing can go wrong. But frankly for the short trips to have travel insurance is equally important. Even the reality so far has clearly stated that there are people who have faced medical emergencies. The key to a successful journey is to be prepared even for the worst.
  • Myth 3: Health Insurance Includes Travel Coverage
    Many people presume that travel insurance also includes travel coverage. Some can have travel coverage through the health provider but there are many restrictions like geographical factors. There are very rare health insurance companies that cover travel as well. But for that, you will have to do extensive research.

Myths associated with Health Insurance

There are many myths associated with health insurance in society. So many people don’t consider health insurance as an important one. Let us have a look at the myths that may shock you.

  • Myth 1: Youth don’t require health insurance
    If you think that youth have a healthy lifestyle and don’t need health insurance then you are highly mistaken. There is no human or even animal on earth that doesn’t need insurance in today’s time. The myth gained popularity since many insurances had negative connotations.

    Some even think that when it comes to health insurance it means the medical issues and lifestyle which is unhealthy. But we all know the fact that it is simply protection to get coverage for any kind of treatment or medical emergency that may arise.

  • Myth 2: No insurance offer coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions
    This is another myth that people consider to be true. But the fact is there are high premiums which you may have to pay but no doubt the coverage for the Pre-Existing Conditions is available. Of course, there is a waiting period to avail the coverage but once you get, you will be able to utilize it better and thus have a stress-free treatment and medical expenses covered.
  • Myth 3: Company will do its job
    As per the UAE health insurance laws, employers are encouraged to offer health insurance for the families along with employees. But there comes exception as well. Some companies take advantage of the loophole and don’t offer complete insurance coverage. And those who offer complete coverage will ask for an additional premium amount to be paid by the employee as well. The company doesn't need to cover health insurance for the whole family.

Myths associated with Car Insurance

To buy a car, we all know the hardship and struggle that one goes through. Well, the car policies are there to protect us from any kind of mishappening that may occur. For Dubai residents, there comes the good news! There is some better coverage in car insurance but some users are in the myths of car insurance which is why many hesitate to buy one.

  • Myth 1: Personal accident coverage includes the medical bills too:
    When you checkbox the personal accident coverage at the time of purchasing car insurance, you often shall presume that it will cover medical expenses that occurred during the injury as well. But that is not the fact, person accident coverage only will cover the lump-sum pay-outs for the misshaping of the event that also resulted in certain insurance.

    This means, if you lose your life in the car accident then your coverage will be to give your family Dh200,000. But if you go blind then you will be given Dh100,000 per eye. But they are given only when the issue is confirmed.

  • Myth 2: There are a coverage means which lets you drive in Oman
    The wide cover of GCC is a common feature for most of the gold insurance packages. It is one of the important things that people request when they want to choose a good coverage. But frankly, such coverage doesn’t give you the authority to drive legally in another GCC country. The feature gives you protection against the damages that happen to your car for which you shall be responsible for that is in other GCC countries.

Different insurance policies have different myths. But it is wise to keep your eyes open and make decisions.

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