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The EJ Dalius List of Must-Have Personality Traits for Entrepreneurs to Achieve Success

Setting up a business and propelling it to success is no mean achievement given the intense competition in every sector and the innumerable challenges entrepreneurs have to overcome with their limited resources. Even though dreaming of becoming the next Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg may be ambitious, there is absolutely no reason why you too cannot become an entrepreneurial success story just like them. While having a business idea with great potential and being a self-starter is mandatory, you need to find out what traits and habits successful entrepreneurs have so that you can emulate them. Some of the personality traits that are common to successful entrepreneurs examined:

Passion for What You Are Doing 

Passion for your work is the most overriding personality trait for every successful entrepreneur to have. It is evident that unless you love what you are doing, there is no way you can be successful on an enduring basis. It is only when you are passionate about the subject that you will find the energy to put in the hard effort to make the business succeed despite seemingly insurmountable odds. When you are passionate about your business, you will find yourself constantly thinking and exploring new ideas to give it a boost.

Matchless Work Ethic Is a Key Differentiator, Says Eric Dalius

Successful entrepreneurs lead by example and you will never find one who will offer an excuse not to be working to make the business thrive. Typically, you will find them spending the longest hours at the workplace, not because they want to feel others bad but because they want to get on top of whatever they have to do to ensure success. These people are usually their hardest taskmasters and completely unforgiving when it comes to meeting their own high standards. It can be very difficult to drag away these entrepreneurs from their workplace to enjoy themselves.

Excellent People Skills 

While it is true that successful entrepreneurs are those who can pitch their businesses very well to investors and customers, it is also rare to find successful entrepreneurs who cannot motivate their employees to scale their boundaries of work excellence. You will find entrepreneurs who have made a success out of their ventures to not only possess a strategic vision but also very good in leading others to beat the odds, remarks EJ Dalius.

Strong Determination 

The difference between an entrepreneur who is successful and one, who is not, is in many cases, determination, which keeps them going head-on till they can resolve the issues. Eric J Dalius believes entrepreneurs geared for success simply do not believe that something cannot be achieved; all that is need is smart thinking and determined effort. According to, having the right attitude is the key to overcoming unexpected challenges.


The intense nature of the competition in virtually every business niche means that entrepreneurs will have to find very innovative solutions to meet the expectations of customers. This requires entrepreneurs to be disciplined, open-minded, confident, and very competitive. The desire to win, whatever be the cost, is the ultimate hallmark of a successful entrepreneur.

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