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The First Mega Promotion of 2023 Is Here - A Brand New Toyota Fortuner 2.7G and 10 New iPhone 14 Plus Are Up to Grab

Toyota Promotion

Pakistani migrants who send money to Pakistan from the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland have a grand opportunity open to them to win a brand-new Toyota Fortuner 2.7G or one of the 10 iPhone 14 Plus as a result of doing something they are already doing!

ACE Money Transfer has joined hands yet again with one of the leading commercial banks in Pakistan, Habib Limited Bank, to facilitate its valued customers to dole out these grand prizes through a series of lucky draws.

Your money transfers via ACE Money Transfer to any of the 1,700 plus branches of HBL in Pakistan as a cash deposit or cash pick up until the 15th of March will pave the way for your participation in this exciting campaign and to win the grand prizes.

Why Does ACE Money Transfer Launch Such Campaigns At Regular Intervals?

Well, for the simple reason, the company takes the full realisation of the financial compulsions of migrants.

ACE Money Transfer tends to remove the pressing financial concerns and constraints that the Pakistani migrants abroad typically experience.

And, most importantly, these promotions focus on acknowledging the efforts of overseas Pakistanis in extending financial support to their families and helping to strengthen the country’s economy through boosted remittance inflows.

Hence, ACE Money Transfer’s current exciting campaign is up to keeping its tradition of facilitating its customers in new and unique ways alive.

How Many Pakistani Migrants Live Abroad, And What Is The Volume Of Remittances They Send Back?

  • Currently, about 9 million Pakistani migrants are residing in around 115 countries worldwide.
  • In FY22, they sent back $31.2 billion in remittances to Pakistan.
  • From July to October 2022, remittances dropped to $9.9 billion from $10.27 billion from the preceding year in the same period, with a drop of 8.6%.
  • The global economic slowdown is primarily responsible for this significant drop, and experts say that remittances in FY23 will remain close to $30 billion if this declining trend continues.

What Advantages Do Pakistani Migrants Get From Remittances?

Following are a few major advantages migrants derive from remittances:

High Living Standard

The average living standard in Pakistan is low and uplifting, which, with limited resources, is impossible. But with remittances, the migrants and their families can elevate their living standards.

Affording A Quality Education

With remittances, the recipients can afford quality education for those in need in the family because quality education in developing countries is either non-existent or is well beyond one’s financial strength.

Savings And Investment

The volume of money migrants and their families get after receiving remittances is sufficient to save for investments in different areas like property. It is a challenge otherwise with limited means.

What Role Does The Government Of Pakistan Play In This Regard?

The government of Pakistan has launched the Pakistan Remittance Initiative (PRI) in collaboration with the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis (MoOP), and the Ministry of Finance (MoF) with the following core objectives:

  • To facilitate a fast, efficient and cost-effective flow of remittances into Pakistan
  • To create multiple investment opportunities In Pakistan for overseas Pakistanis

What Role Do ACE Money Transfer And Habib Bank Limited Play In PRI’s Implementation?

Both financial giants are striving to implement PRI by offering remittance services that cater to the needs of both the remitter and the recipient.

The recipients can approach any 1,700 plus branches without travelling long distances to approach the bank to collect funds. At the same time, the remitters can send money to Pakistan with live and competitive currency exchange rates, low fees and a speed of just 7 seconds – a time more than what you take to bring money out of your pocket!

In addition to that, the grand prizes that are up for grabs require absolutely nothing extra except fund transfers in the way specified below.

How To Participate In The Campaign And Increase Chances To Win?

Follow the steps below to participate and increase winning chances but be mindful of the deadlines.

  • Make as many transactions to Pakistan via ACE Money Transfer as a cash deposit or cash pickup to any of the 1,700+ HBL branches across Pakistan until the 15th of March.
  • Multiple transfers in one day to the same recipient will count as one. Therefore, transfer money in small chunks daily across the campaign duration.
  • Winners will be chosen through a series of lucky draws whose dates ACE Money Transfer will determine, subject to change for reasons specified by the company. Click here to learn about the lucky draw dates.
  • The winner of the brand-new Toyota Fortuner 2.7G will nominate someone in Pakistan to collect the prize.

Following these simple steps, you can participate in the campaign and simultaneously increase your winning chances.

What Will It Take To Win The Grand And Exciting Prizes?

Nothing, quite literally!

Except that you simply transfer your remittances via ACE Money Transfer and HBL’s solutions. You are already sending remittances. Right? 

Why not try this way out to test your luck?

ACE Money Transfer – A Remittances Service Immersed In Prizes

As if the time, which is just 7 seconds to deliver funds to Pakistan from anywhere with safety, zero- to low-fee, and live and competitive exchange rates were all less than big prizes, ACE Money Transfer has launched this grand campaign to dole out the huge prizes. It is now up to you to grab the prizes by doing nothing that is designed specifically to get the prizes!

So, do not waste a moment and participate now.

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