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How to Manage Your Accounting Firm with Odoo?


The conventional operations performed by an accounting firm can be automated, planned, and optimized with the help of an ERP system. And whether it is a small, medium, or large Enterprise, Odoo is an efficient ERP that comes to mind. 

The comprehensive ERP helps create a decentralized system with seamless synchronization between various modules. With help from a renowned Odoo development company, you can further optimize your accounting firm's internal as well as external processes. 

But, how does Odoo help you do so? Let’s take a look at that! 

Key Features of Odoo for Accounting Firms & Benefits 


Utilize these Odoo features to save much time on various accounting activities: 

  • Fast and modern UI 
  • Simple initial setup 
  • Auto-fill details 
  • Seamless collaboration on documents 
  • Instant access to all accounting details on mobile or tablet. 
  • Automated reconciliation to sync bank statements with accounts. 

Seamless Payment 

  • Automated follow-ups for credit collection 
  • QR code for easy payments 
  • Support for multiple payment gateways like PayPal, Ingenico, Authorize.Net, Adyen, etc. 
  • Clear and concise customer statements 

Easy Bank & Cash Management 

  • Automate bank feeds 
  • Cash register management 
  • Import statements quickly 

Easy Reconciliation 

  • Seamless outstanding payments 
  • Online payments and easy follow-up 
  • Smart reconciliation tools 
  • Reconciliation report 

Performance Reports 

  • Create several annotations of a report seamlessly 
  • Assemble custom reports to create a dashboard 
  • Define your KPIs with customization 
  • Business Intelligence reports 


Integration is a vital part of Odoo ERP software development. There are several modules available in Odoo right from Sales and Inventory to eCommerce, Purchase, and Customer Portal. 

With the integration of these modules, you can manage your accounting firm’s capabilities seamlessly. If you are wondering how? Consider this! 

  • Sales module: Prepare customer invoices seamlessly through Sales orders, track data and reports in real-time to make sales decisions, and sync sales orders with other modules. 

  • Inventory module: Seamless Inventory management with Standard price, discounts, the average cost of FIFO, backorders, and sync with manufacturing and accounting departments. 

  • Purchase module: Managing supplier bills, purchase orders, synchronization with shipment and delivery, tracking purchase orders, and more. 

  • eCommerce module: Managing all eCommerce transactions in a single place, integration with sales, shipment, payments, refunds, and more. 

  • Customer portal: A dedicated portal for customers to track order status, download invoices, payments, lodge grievances, and complaints, etc. 

Clearly, having a centralized system that integrates all aspects of accounting management is pivotal to your business. And Odoo makes up for it. 

Implementation of Odoo for Accounting Firms

If you are wondering how you can implement Odoo ERP software in your organization, these are the steps you need to follow. 


Choose either an on-premise or cloud hosting option to install Odoo ERP. You can utilize the Odoo official hostings as well. 


After the installation is done, you have to configure the ERP software to your unique needs. Whether it is setting up user accounts, creating invoice templates, setting up workflow, customizing accounting charts, or any other. 

To configure the software to your specific needs, you can use the various Odoo modules to your liking. Choose a combination of modules that can help personalize your Accounting business’s needs. 

Data Migration 

Are you using any other software for your accounting firm? If yes, there must be tons of data that needs to be transferred to the new system. This migration is a critical task for your accounting firm as losing this data can be catastrophic. 

So, you need to take care of the migration process in Odoo development. Create a backup of your existing data and then proceed with Odoo migration so you can restore the data back to your system for normal accounting operations. 

Training & Support 

In the last phase, you must train yourself and the employees on the utilization of Odoo. It is so you can seamlessly use the Odoo interface for your day-to-day operations. You can seek training from professionals of an Odoo development company or an Odoo partner company as they are better informed of the latest changes in ERP. 

Besides training, you can also seek support from the Odoo development team or the official Odoo support team in case of any query or concern. It will help you manage your Odoo ERP operations more flawlessly. 

However, you have to ensure proper planning and training for the successful implementation of Odoo throughout the organization. 

How Odoo Facilitates Remote Working? 

The catastrophe caused by Covid-19 introduced us all to a new era of remote working. It gave us the flexibility to work from anywhere anytime. 

Also, it encouraged us to prepare ourselves for the worst of days! 

So, remote working has become a part of almost every organization. If not entirely remote, companies are adopting a hybrid model and letting people work from home when they need it. 

Likewise, your accounting firm can also function with remote workers. What if you had to tally an accounting sheet? Or, need to customize a report? Well, Odoo makes it possible for accounting firms to do so! 

Cloud-Based Hosting & Mobile Access 

  • You can use cloud-based hosting to access Odoo ERP from anywhere and on any device. 
  • It is possible to collaborate in real time. 
  • Backup and disaster recovery options help secure your accounting data storage. 
  • Mobile access with Odoo helps your employees access the ERP software from mobile devices. So, if you are out for an errand and still need to check your reports or have a quick task to perform, Odoo will help you do so.


Managing an accounting firm can become much easier with Odoo ERP in place. This guide should help you understand the nuances of the Odoo ERP system and how it can contribute to the optimization of your accounting firm’s processes. 

Make sure to get the right Odoo development company working for you so you can get the best optimization. They will also help train you and your employees to work seamlessly with the software as they help you with Odoo implementation and integrations.

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