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How to Make a Will for Your Property in UAE

If you have a property, you need to make a will to pass it on to your posterity. The same goes in Dubai too. A property owner passes on their belongings to the next generation using a bill. 

Though the laws of passing it to the next generation might vary a bit for Muslims and the non-Muslims in Dubai, they follow a similar line of thought. 

Want to know about making a will? For creating a will in UAE, you must consult a bona fide law firm in Dubai. 

Who Can Make a Will in Dubai?

According to sharia laws, if you are a female ex-pat without a will, the laws of inheritance will act in that case. However, if you do not have a husband, proper property transfer will be highly difficult. 

As a result, all your hard-earned money and property might not be passed on to the next generation. Therefore, these strict laws and guidance force people to make a will for their property.

 Now let us talk about the non-muslims and making the will. Remember, UAE Law no. 15 of 2017 strictly concerns the UAE inheritance laws.

If you are a non-muslim, you will not come under the Islamic sharia laws of transfer of property. Instead, a generalized law on inheritance will apply to you. 

The minimum age for making the will in the UAE is 21 years. This is important so far as the implementation of the laws is concerned. There are also specific laws regarding movable and immovable assets in the UAE.

How to Make a Will for Your Property in Dubai

There are certain steps that you need to follow while you are drafting a will. Though they are not that tough, you are advised to consult some bonafide lawyer to get things on track.

1. Drafting a Will 

You will have to draft a will first. You need to consult some bona fide legal professional for this to happen. Ensure that you are registered with the Dubai Legal Affairs department.

While drafting a will, you need to hire an executor to divide your property. You also have to ensure that the nominated individual must not lower than 21 years of age. 

Here are some other requirements related to creating a will in the UAE. Again, your appointed lawyer will help you. 

2. Translation of the Will Into Arabic 

When drafting a will is ready, you need to transfer the will into Arabic. This is a must and comes under specific Arabic rules. 

To transfer your will into Arabic, you need to produce all the paper in Arabic. You also need to submit all the documents to the respective court in the UAE court in order to get your will translated into Arabic.

The overall work requires some paperwork and other complexities. So what you need to do here is hire some professionals to get the wills translated.

3. Have You Checked in Your Documents

The entire process of drafting the bill and getting your property transferred involves time, complexities, and paperwork. This might be difficult for you to manage things entirely. 

Have you consulted some lawyers to get things done? For instance, you need to check certain documents when discussing the paperwork. 

The documents you need to draw up the bill include Assets of the UAE, Liabilities, Proof of residence, Passport copies, and other related documents. 

4. Attestation of the Dubai Courts and Notary 

When dealing with the process, attestation of your documents with the Dubai counts, and the notary is a must. 

To facilitate the entire process, you need to get things attested with the notary of the respective country where you are a citizen. 

Prior attention goes into the process of paper procurement. Therefore, it's better you bank on some good quality Dubai lawyer. 

Wrapping Things Up 

The process of will goes via different steps. From the collection of papers to attestation, submission, and all other procedures- you must follow certain steps to complete the overall journey. 

Hence it is more convenient that you hire a bonafide lawyer to get things done.

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