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Perfection 101: Make a Career In Investment Banking

Investment banking is one of the best careers you can pursue. Investment banking offers a variety of job opportunities while at the same time equipping you with essential skills and experience that you can use for your personal development.

This article will explore how you can make your career in investment banking and will also do a quick review of the fundamental skills you need in this field.

What Is An Investment Banking Career?

Career In Investment Banking

Before understanding how to build a career in investment baking, one must first understand what it is and what the career entails. Investment banking careers combine financial expertise, analytical prowess, and persuasive communication skills to provide financial services to individuals or organizations trying to raise capital for operations. In addition, investment banking involves helping organizations in other activities such as mergers and acquisitions.

Investment banking can also help organizations or government agencies deal with the right stocks at the right time. To do this, the investment banking firm acts as an intermediary providing advisory support to the organization issuing the stocks and the buyer's investors. An investment banker will always have authentic and adequate information about the stock market and the possible changes. In addition, investment banks create portfolios for investors and organizations to keep their stocks until they are ready. is an excellent example of an investment bank that helps deal with stocks.

Examples of job opportunities or positions for an investment banking career include; investment banker, Investment banking analyst, investment underwriter, mergers and acquisitions managers, and investment advisors.

Here are Basic Ways to Make a Career in Investment Banking

1. Pursue A Bachelor Degree Or Diploma In a Relevant Discipline

One essential step to make and build your career in investment banking is pursuing a bachelor's or diploma in some significant disciplines such as economics, accounting, finance, and business. Adequate knowledge in these fields will help you acquire the necessary skills for providing effective financial services.

In addition, you can further your education by enrolling in master's and later Ph.D. programs. This increases your value in the job marketplace and gives you more opportunities to network. Increasing your knowledge and experience in your area of interest also prepares and helps you secure senior roles in the investment banking career.


2. Strive To Gain Experience

Experience is one of the essential requirements when applying for any job. An internship is the best way to gain experience in this field, where you can learn and acquire the necessary skills to be a professional investment banker. During the internship, you can learn how to assess investment portfolios and analyze assets. Further, during the internship, you will build connections that will help you secure a job.

Apart from an internship, you can also gain experience through training programs and earn certifications in investment banking.

3. Register With A recognized Association

Every professional field has a body or association that regulates its operations. Registering with such an association increases your chances of securing a job in investment banking. The organization evaluates and assesses all your skills and finance background before approving your registration.


4. Networking

Once you have acquired all the necessary skills and experience, the next step is looking for job opportunities. The professional organizations in this field can help you secure a job or build an authentic and essential network and relationships that will assist you in securing a lucrative job. You can also improve your networking by attending various forums, workshops, and seminars related to your area of interest.

Here Are Fundamental Skills You Need to Make a Career in Investment Banking

1. Critical Thinking

Your primary roles in investment banking will be analyzing data, marketing trends, and product offerings. Therefore, you must develop excellent critical thinking skills to help you assess the investment opportunity.

2. Good Communication

Communication in investment banking is vital. You must clearly communicate with clients, explain financial models, and provide necessary investment opportunities. Therefore, developing effective written and oral communication will help you accurately convey essential investment opportunities to your clients.


3. Innovative Thinking

In the investment banking career, you must devise creative ways to solve various financial and investment challenges. For example, in some circumstances, you will be required to determine the process for the company's share while at the same time ensuring it remains productive. Therefore, applying skills such as innovative thinking will help you come up with creative ideas and better solutions.

4. Teamwork

In the investment banking career, you will work as a team. For example, you must collaborate with colleagues such as directors, risk analysts, and bankers when preparing reports and recommendations. Therefore, you should develop teamwork skills to succeed in your investment banking career.

5. Detail Oriented

Throughout your career, you will be dealing with financial records. Therefore, you must be very keen on every detail, including the minor ones. This will help you identify the various investment opportunities others can't see. During your leisure, you can engage in activities that will help improve your attention, such as completing puzzles.


Making a career in investment banking will require determination and commitment. You should also be interested in financial-related issues and continuously updated on the current changes in the finance world. You can hook up with people with higher experience in the field for mentorship and guidance throughout your career.

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